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Photo Challenge #100 February 16, 2016

A note: the weather in my neck of the woods is going to be seasonally winter wonderland with a heap of snow falling and this can affect my internet connection (it’s satellite) – so don’t be fretting if I unfortunately can’t respond to comments or approve pingbacks etc. as quickly as usual. I will return – as possible – and in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the prompt!



I’m really excited to present you with this fascinating photo image by a local WP blogger!

What make you of this dynamic and very creative work?

Weave your spells and tales – prose, poems, flash fiction, lyrics, images, art etc. and share with us here – ping back please – and on the official MLMM linking site.

If you use the image directly in your post, please direct credit the artist – and if not, please consider adding a link to the site/image nonetheless – I’m sure it would be equally exciting for her to see how it is you interpret her work! 🙂

Tag your posts with MLMM – MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie – and Photo Challenge so others can discover your treasures.

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17 comments on “Photo Challenge #100 February 16, 2016

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  3. julespaige
    February 16, 2016

    Had a very Sci-fi feel…
    Sight Seeing?

    Weather caused a delay of the start of school… so what better way to use the time than to write 🙂
    Stay warm and safe!

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    • CPP
      February 16, 2016

      thank you thank you and thank you 🙂

      well …. it’s much milder than of late so even though it’s gonna dump like mad, I’ll take the mild …. even with all the white stuff – besides, I’m getting smarter …. I’ll only shovel the very minimum – quite literally – eventually this will all melt …. 😉

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      • julespaige
        February 16, 2016

        With some encouragement…I made some changes… I rushed to post…my, bad.
        Hopefully the story flows better now.
        (Thank you Bastet!)

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  5. Bastet
    February 16, 2016

    Hope you can enjoy the white stuff .. and it isn’t just a bother! Take care of yourself Pat!

    Liked by 1 person

    • CPP
      February 17, 2016

      Oh no … it is/was a total bother!


      • Bastet
        February 19, 2016

        Somehow I was afraid that’s what you’d say 😉

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  7. taleweavering
    February 16, 2016

    Good luck with the weather. Hope you get to see some of the beauty of the snow under the moon.
    What an interesting photo! Like a painting. Made me think of the Twilight Zone, but that’s not the way I went.
    It’s short — a 50 word fiction.
    Stay safe, warm, and cozy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CPP
      February 17, 2016

      thanks Phylor – as for safe warm and cozy – uh… yeah … after wet cold and tired …. too much snow … then … freezing rain rain freezing rain for hours on top before switching back to snow ….. nasty mix …. blugh!

      But hey, it will melt … eventually …. *snort*

      thanks for your spin on the image 🙂


      • taleweavering
        February 17, 2016

        I hate freezing rain! I lived in Kingston, Ontario for the big ice storm in the 1990s. That was wild. You probably got to experience that too.
        Sounds like awful weather — we’re still the poster child for global warming and climate change.

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      • CPP
        February 17, 2016

        LOL – yesh ….. and I don’t know why I’m laughing …. well then yeah, you know Canadian weather, eh? And the Ice Storm ….. now that was something else ….. and I keep asking myself ….. in all honesty …. why the hell I’m still living in a place like this?!


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