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Wordle #152

1. Lightly 2. House 3. Petulant (adj.)) moved to or showing sudden, impatient irritation, especially over some trifling annoyance) 4. Liberosis ((n.) the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on … Continue reading

April 24, 2017 · 7 Comments

Writing Prompt, April 23rd – Dialogue pairing

*image from Wikipedia Greetings, everyone! For this week, I would like you to write a dialogue piece- by making two different characters talk. It can be your newly created characters, … Continue reading

April 23, 2017 · 6 Comments

Wordle #151 “April 17th, 2017″

1. Cloud 2. Crumble 3. Flight 4. Ambedo ((n.) a kind of melancholic trance in which you become completely absorbed in vivid sensory details—raindrops skittering down a window, tall trees … Continue reading

April 17, 2017 · 20 Comments

Writing Prompt #203 “Letters to Death”

Tomb of Wayfaring Souls For today’s challenge I want you to write a letter to Death. In your letter you can Ask him any questions you want Offer him feedback … Continue reading

April 16, 2017 · 20 Comments

Saturday Mix — Lorraine 15.04.17

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Lorraine’s version. Using an abecedary approach to this week’s blend of flash fiction, poetry and shadorma. Lots of A, B, and Cs to had. … Continue reading

April 15, 2017 · 18 Comments

First Line Friday 14.04.17

Its that every other Friday again where I give you a first line, and you all get to write the rest. This prompt alternates with Amanda’s Music Prompts, so make sure … Continue reading

April 14, 2017 · 9 Comments

Wordle #150 “April 10th, 2017″

1. Count 2. Iris 3. Peak 4. Penny Gush ((n.) Exaggerated stories or tales) 5. Grovel 6. Reflection 7. Assign 8. Mutable ((adj.) subject to change, fickle) 9. Lavish 10. … Continue reading

April 10, 2017 · 3 Comments

Wordle #149 “April 3rd, 2017″

1. Cleft 2. Simple 3. Pearl 4. Altschmerz n. weariness with the same old issues that you’ve always had—the same boring flaws and anxieties you’ve been gnawing on for years, which leaves them … Continue reading

April 3, 2017 · 8 Comments

Writing Prompt #202 “It’s All in the Title”

Sorry again for the delay. I haven’t been able to reach Oloriel so I decided to substitute. This week I thought we’d do something a bit different. I want you … Continue reading

April 2, 2017 · 20 Comments

Saturday Mix — Lorraine 01.04.17

Welcome to a April 1st edition of the Saturday Mix, hosted by Lorraine. There are various traditions/histories of playing practical jokes and perpetrating hoaxes on the first day of April. … Continue reading

April 1, 2017 · 10 Comments