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red-stripe-mouth    Yves (aka Mindlovemisery)

Yves is the founder and creator of our wonderful community here at Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie; where we come together to foster exploration of ideas, freedom of expression, and creativity in our writing.

The moniker “Mindlovemisery” reflects the subjects most extensively explored in Yves’ own poetry.

  • Mind – philosophy, psychology, mental illness, and societal expectations.
  • Love – loss, unrequited love, infatuations and obsessions, sex, true love, new love, relationships of all sorts both dysfunctional and sublime.
  • Misery – trauma, depression, living with PTSD, the search for meaning, loneliness, spiritual dilemmas, grief, social ineptitude.

Yves started “Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie” (affectionately known as MLMM) to inspire, and connect with, others. For it is through our devotion to our own obsessive interests (fetish) we weave together through this site, the individual stories of our collective minds, loves, and miseries.

On offer each week are 7 different prompts to get those creative juices flowing!

MLMM current hosts and prompts are:

  • Sunday Confessional – Oloriel
  • Monday Wordle – Lisa
  • Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sarah
  • Wednesday Story Swap – Yves
  • Thursday Dreams – HOST NEEDED. Please contact if interested.
  • Friday Faithfuls – Jim / COHOST NEEDED. Please contact if interested.
  • Saturday Mix – Sarah

Find out more about our hosts HERE.

“A dose of fetish      |     Good friends     |     An incomparable muse”

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  1. Maybe I’m presumptuous having only attended the past few prompts, but why don’t you have a ‘badge’ type thing participants can put in their sidebars? It’s the first place I look when I’m sniffing around for new prompt-sites on other people’s blogs, and I’d love for others to find these amazing prompts!


    • Hi this is Yves =)

      Thank you for your wonderful offer and your encouragements. We have several authors here at MLMM was there someone in particular you were interested in? Or a specific prompt that appealed to you?


  2. Hey, I’m Paris Carter owner and operator of The Bibliomaniacs, a writing/book review site. We’re launching our new magazine in the Fall. And I was wondering if you were interested in submitting a short story, essay, or poem. Please contact me if you’re interested!


    • Hi thank you so much for contacting me and for your generous offer =) My mom is coming from overseas to visit and I am about to go pick her up from the airport. She will be staying for a week, after that I will look through my poetry and send something =) Are there any restrictions/requirements?


      • We’re looking for short stories, poetry, and essays. We have a 8,000 word count for the short stories and essays, but for the poetry we’re a more lenient as long as it excessive of over 45 lines. The name of our magazine is Catharsis Literary Magazine. As the name suggests, we’re looking for emotional heavy works dramas, realistic fiction, or experimental fiction. Even though we lean more towards realistic work, we still love to hear works of other genres science fiction, romance, dystopian as long as they have a focus on character and emotion. Same goes for poetry. Emotionally charged poetry.

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      • I wasn’t sure how to submit

        Title: Cradle
        Author: Yves K. Morrow

        I snatch your angels

        From the waves

        Of a treacherous silence,

        A box apart from

        The residual graves.

        As simple as a moon

        Fashioned of clay

        My self recriminations

        Spring up helter-skelter

        In moments overcast.

        How could I have lost you

        When I held on with all my might?

        What can fix perfection

        And if not you

        Then what can I alter

        Without covering up

        These essential lies,

        These transparencies

        Which distinguish

        One void from the next.

        We were quite the pair

        Miscreants starved for reason,

        Two perfects eggs

        In a cycling bath.

        My courage no longer raw

        I cling to a barren science.

        Your kisses thieving worms,

        Your eyes retracted halos

        How can I die in the cradle

        Of such a gorgeous silhouette?


    • I have never done a Haibun or hosted a Haibun prompt though some of the members at MLMM do have experience with the Haibun. I had actually thought to add it with the haiku prompt as an option because it is a great form.
      Kristjaan Panneman hosts the haiku prompt I will mention it to him and see what he thinks XD


  3. Hey it’s a pleasure to meet you and know more of you and your talents. Keep up the great blog and writing. ~Jackie


  4. I am 43 year old Indian moved in recently to america with my husband . i have been reading your poetries long since i’ve known Jingle poetry entries. I would love to attempt the word prompt when ever i have leisure time.. i love improving on my poetic skills. please let me know how and where do i find the poetic prompts.


  5. Well, I am intrigued with your group. I came via my friend Susan,The Abject Muse, and love to write 100 word flash. Looking forward to a prompt that starts my fingers clicking on the keys. (I guess in the old days I would have said ‘starts my pen flowing) Still thinking about the spider-web one I saw.

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