Photo Challenge #87: November 17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s prompt ~ it was awesome reading!

Let’s shake it up a bit this week! Changing “scapes” as we wander and seek, searching out the intangible something “other” ….

The richness of photography – especially in this new era – allows for some interesting perspectives – which traditionally could be altered in the printing process. Now, with the digital era and the wealth of software available, anything is possible.

Today – I’d like to “step back in time” – presenting an image that arrives in Black and White – where the details – well – are in the details – as the eyes have to search out Light and Shadow – distinguishing features and foreground from background, elements etc. I find this type of imagery “restful” – even though it may not be as straightforward as other, more obviously altered, images. Why? Simple reason: it means you have to take the time to really stop – and look – and then feel –

So how are you moved in this escape? Do the mists of time transport you far and away? Or do you linger in a memory personal? Where are you at?

richardloaderimage by Richard Loader    (click on image for a larger and more detailed viewing)

Share your thoughts – poems, prose, flash fiction, short stories etc. If it inspires a visual creation of your own – be it photograph or other visual medium – please, share.

Remember – if you use the image directly in your responses, please, credit the artist/photographer.

And don’t forget to leave a link to this prompt in your response, creating a pingback – as well as adding your entry to the official Linky.

Looking forward to what escapes arise!
Cheers ~ Pat

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  1. It seems they have “improved” my wordpress page and I don’t know how to get the picture to show up, but I do have a link to it. I just get used to a thing and they change it on me! Very nice prompt btw

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    • I just saw the novelty when I had to do an edit … I admit, I’m not fond of all their changes and still use the old editor … hoping they don’t decide to block it!

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    • Oh how I do hear you Debi! The change happened yesterday – and yeah, it’s a whole new ball game – the “add media” button is in the top left hand corner of the “page/post dashboard” … if that helps …. and the process is the same – once uploaded and in your media bank – the image will appear in your post – where you’ve indicated … but there does some to be some “key” differences in how you can “edit” the image – i.e. direct linking etc. I was posting something myself when the change was in effect and haven’t had much time to really figure out all the new “quirks” … but yup – I’m sure we’re not the only ones who are now puzzled and frazzled.

      Glad that you enjoyed the prompt – and am looking forward to reading your response 🙂

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    • Thanks Georgia 🙂

      Actually, I’m not entirely sure it is a “real” pen and ink drawing either – or whether, when one keeps enlarging it, the details are appearing that way …. something along the lines of a “traditional film” that when “over enlarged” and printed, shows all the “grains” … but perhaps it was also digitally altered?
      Hard to say … but looking at it in its maximum size reveals another aspect to the image.

      Totally unexpected and not intentional when choosing, on my part – so thanks for pointing it out!


      • Welcome Pat 🙂

        I’ve done pen and ink in the past and now have moved on to digital photography … I’ve used many apps, some are totally cool at creating art like photos … but I’ve never seen anything like this before, if it’s an app I would love to use it! Anyway in digital photography you just get pixels over enlarging the photo … but there is so much one can do now days with apps it really is hard to say if this is an actual pen and ink … if it is that’s one hell of an artist … if it isn’t that’s one great photographer … is there a way to find other images by him?

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      • Coming from my background in the arts too – it is an intriguing image …. because honestly, why would one really consider enlarging it to the max? If you hadn’t done so – or any one else who might have done or may do – I wouldn’t have noticed.

        I was poking around a bit – with some of the other images I’ve looked at – and I would say, this is a photograph – at least it “was” … and that somewhere along the line – it was “apped” or “altered” to create this effect. Studying the image in that enlarged state – I’d have to say it’s a little “too perfectly” controlled in “drawing technique” to be a straight-up drawing … although when one considers artists like Escher … well LOL … anything is possible …more so today!

        here is a link to this photographer’s site … which is NOT where I found the image – if I remember correctly, the one I’ve used was on Unsplash?


      • Thanks so much for the link .. and as you say … it was the near maniacal perfection that made me doubt that it was done by hand, but I myself have used a similar technique in my younger days when I was more patient than today … and I’ve known a few fanatics (in the good sense of the word) who have been able to create near photo perfect drawings .. it’s the squiggles that made me think drawing btw … the posts also look like drawings and so do the building … whichever it is, man, this guy is something else!

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      • Yup – I have to agree!

        And as you’ve said – it’s the actual technique that is incredible! Definitely makes on curious and wonder – because it brings to focus the question: are we seeing “truth” or “reality” or has it been changed … and for what reasons?

        And being an artist yourself, you would naturally wonder – being curious and intrigued … so I totally can appreciate the interest here 😀

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      • 🙂 Truth or reality … you did well to put them into quotes … editing is a form of art in my opinion … it’s a new medium not less fascinating than using a brush or pen. Yes, I was fascinated by the technique … the photo is beautiful … but the enlargement is fascinating. Thanks for your understanding!

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  2. Channeled a relatives perspective on this haibun (if it is a haibun…not quite a travel log… but):


    I like the photo – enlarging it gave it a new look. I haven’t messed with media at all yet. One of these days.

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  3. Running on empty in two prompt worlds, so I combined this with my Writing 101 word count assignment.
    Didn’t do either one justice.
    Fantastic image — I could enlarge it until it looked like worms forming the picture. But I couldn’t (with my limited knowledge) save it at that enlargement level.
    Here’s me being technical again, “those wormy-things level,” like saying in the MoMa, “I like those dotty paintings.” Me and my technical terms.

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