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Photo Challenge #91 December 15, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last challenge! On the face of it – reflections are perceptions – but the gift of sight is subjective – not only in … Continue reading

December 15, 2015 · 13 Comments

Photo Challenge #90 December 8, 2015

Shadows and light – darkness and bright white. The richness of the image today – where does your mind play and rest – put yourself to the test – have … Continue reading

December 8, 2015 · 32 Comments

Photo Challenge #89 December 1, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in the last challenge 🙂 A note:  In order for “ping backs” to appear in the comments section, they have to be manually approved by … Continue reading

December 1, 2015 · 24 Comments

Photo Challenge # 88 November 24, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s challenge – it was wonderful reading 🙂 Shall we walk the streets after dark – wending our way where? Today we’ll visit … Continue reading

November 24, 2015 · 23 Comments

Photo Challenge #87: November 17, 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in last week’s prompt ~ it was awesome reading! Let’s shake it up a bit this week! Changing “scapes” as we wander and seek, searching … Continue reading

November 17, 2015 · 39 Comments

Photo Challenge #86 November 10, 2015

Thanks to everyone for this participation in last week’s prompt! Such a creative, fascinating and divergent responses – it was great and exciting, as well as moving reading! If you … Continue reading

November 10, 2015 · 15 Comments

Photo Challenge #85 November 3, 2015

Hi everyone! Welcome to another photo prompt challenge! Thanks to everyone who participated last week – absolutely wonderful and fascinating entries – it was great reading. And thanks to all … Continue reading

November 3, 2015 · 29 Comments

Tale Weaver #37 Pet Story

Weave a tale about a favourite pet or an imaginary one. It can take any form and be a pet of your own choosing. Your tale can be about an … Continue reading

October 29, 2015 · 10 Comments

Tale Weaver #33- When Fruit and Vegetables Spoke to Me.

Image: © Rose’s Garden: used with permission Weave a tale in which you go to the supermarket and in the produce section you discover the fruit and vegetables all have … Continue reading

October 1, 2015 · 3 Comments

Tale Weaver #31 – The Stopped Clock

Image © Lily Woods Weave a tale that could be enchanting or a horror/mystery story or just a matter of fact tale about a clock in a prominent place that … Continue reading

September 17, 2015 · 7 Comments