Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille November 18th … Spring is Coming

spring blossom

Dear friends of MLMM,

It’s Wednesday again and it’s time for a new episode of Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille. Last week Paloma did the Heeding Haiku With episode, because I had problems with my PC. Thank you Paloma for filling in. This week its haibun-time. For this Heeding Haiku With episode I love to inspire you all with a haibun I once wrote myself. This haibun is titled “Spring is Coming”. Spring is coming that’s for sure, but in my part of the world it’s still autumn, however poetry is timeless and so is haibun.

Spring is Coming
(Chèvrefeuille – October 2012)

It’s early in the morning of March 21, the start of spring. I love this morning. Its every year a great day to me. Celebrating spring … the young green leaves start to bloom and all those blossoming trees. Birds chanting and lambs in the field. spring … the beginning of the light part of the year.

After the dark time of autumn and winter finally the light has come back. Today the sun is shining bright when I come out of my bed. “Yes”, I think … finally I can go out sitting in the sun. I have a nice garden with lovely trees and bushes and when it’s a sunny day I go out. Love to feel the sun on my skin. “At last. Spring is there. I go out with the kids playing in the park and do some fishing in the pond. I smell the blooming flowers, narcissus, crocus, clover, the cherry and plum blossoms. Awesome! This is my time of the year.

Spring … a season of new life, new beginnings and young animals and birds. It’s also my season to write haiku. I have written a lot of spring haiku mostly about the blossoming trees of Cherry and Plum. Today it’s the first day of spring a light breeze caresses my hair and my body. Mm feels great love that feeling.

spring breeze
caresses the fragile blossoms
of young cherry trees

At night I see the hazy moon. Mysteriously hidden behind the clouds. She, the moon, is still a bit shy on this first night of spring, but then … she is no longer hiding … the clouds fall apart and then … her lovely face … the full moon of March. What a sight! Neo Pagans calling her “death moon”, Chinese calling her “Sleepy moon” and the ancient Celtic name of her is “Moon of Winds”. Isn’t it great all those names for her … the moon … our natural satellite?

hazy moon

moon of winds
shows her face through the clouds
what a mysterious sight

finally spring
green leaves open carefully –
the Death Moon

“Death Moon” strange name for the moon of March. March the month of spring, new life sprouting, cherry blossoms bloom and then she, our lovely moon, called “Death Moon”. It’s for sure a strange name and I am not sure what it means, but it makes some contrast with the new life, the new beginning, the starting of the light part of year. Maybe “Death” stands for ending the dark part of the year or … I don’t really know.

Spring brings joy and happiness. Spring … my season.

cherry blossoms bloom
such a fragile beauty –
the spring breeze

A nice haibun as I may say so. I love to challenge you all to write a haibun about your favorite season. Try to write a haibun with a maximum of 500 words (including the haiku). I am looking forward to your responses …. have fun!

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