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Tale Weaver/ Fairy Tale # 179 – Voyage of Discovery – 12/7/18

Image: The Mayflower – Google images (Labelled for reuse) This week see what tale you can weave in which a Voyage of Discovery occurs. It can be in keeping with … Continue reading

July 12, 2018 · 10 Comments

Tale Weaver #178 – Karma – 5/7/18

Image: Pinterest. This week I am asking you to write about karma. Do you believe in such a thing? Is it just a myth, wishful thinking on some people’s part? … Continue reading

July 5, 2018 · 11 Comments

Tale Weaver – #177 – Climbing to the Top – 28th June

Photo: © Jim Kable (Used with permission) This week I am asking you to weave a tale dealing with the concept of climbing to the top: It could be: Reaching … Continue reading

June 28, 2018 · 5 Comments

Sunday Writing Prompt – Things Watery

This week I am standing in for Yves. A watery theme this week, select a topic from the list below and compose a piece of prose or poetry to your … Continue reading

June 24, 2018 · 14 Comments

Tale Weaver – #176 – June 21st- Trains

Photo © Jim Kable (Used with permission) This week the task is to write about trains. We all have some experience with trains. Some of us are old enough to … Continue reading

June 21, 2018 · 11 Comments

Sunday Writing Prompt – Teachers

This week I’m asking you to write about teachers. We all had one or some as we grew up. Some made a lasting impression on us, some good and some … Continue reading

June 17, 2018 · 12 Comments

Tale Weaver/Fairy Tale – #175 – June 14th – Happy Ever After

Fairy tales deal with a wide range of topics. Today I’d like you to consider the notion of “Happy Ever After’. Can it be achieved in this modern age? Is … Continue reading

June 14, 2018 · 11 Comments

Tale Weaver – #174 – Making Sense of Nonsense

Image: Pinterest  Today something a little different in the nonsense gendre. Use the above image as a basis for a tale that maybe explains the image as being deeply metaphorical … Continue reading

June 7, 2018 · 20 Comments

Tale Weaver – #173 – May 31st – Days Of Old

This week weave a tale around something from days of old. It could be stories about grandparents, the image above does suggest grandmother, though Grandpa had fairly big underwear. What … Continue reading

May 31, 2018 · 13 Comments

Sunday Writing Prompt – Select a Heading

Compose a tale using one of the following titles: The Upside of the Downside When Willows Weep at Night. The Crushing Loneliness A Fairy Tug-A-War. Up Around the Corner He … Continue reading

May 27, 2018 · 16 Comments