Sunday Writing Prompt – The End of the Road – March 28th

This week as it will be my last time as host of the Sunday Writing Prompt, next week Sara from ‘Relax it’s all write’ will be taking over and I wish her well.

My prompt this week is to write your response to the phrase, “The End of the Road.”

Please leave a link to your response in the comments below.

Go have fun and thank you to all who have participated in this prompt.


  1. […] At the end of the road, I spied a path.I followed it.As I ambled along there were signs of life once invisible.I studied them.There were rustlings and babbling creeks.I listened closely.Soon, I realized there was nothing familiar left.I paused, unsure.While sitting on a stump, a fox trotted by pretending I wasn’t there.A deer lifted its head from the ferns and snorted a warning.An owl left the canopy and perched in a nearby tree, giving me the ‘once over’.The forest paused, unsure. All was quiet.Then… a woodpecker rapped a distant cadence and birds began to sing. Their shadows danced along the mossy floor.Two chipmunks existed my ‘chair’ chasing each other in a frenzy.A tree frog sang his summoning serenade and the sun streaked through the treetops illuminating fairies of pollen and dust.As I stood to go home, retracing my steps trying to find the end of that road, wasn’t necessary.I wasn’t lost.Sunday Writing Prompt – The End of the Road – March 28th | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (wor… […]


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