Sunday Writing Prompt “Rorschach Test 3”


It is been a long time since we have done one of these, years! So I thought it might be time again. Write a poem or story using the above psychological test as inspiration. What do you see in the image? What emotions does it evoke?


  1. […] The lilt of the rain echoes the longing of a woman revoked. I never made a ripple not even when feeding your ego hand over fist. I rose to your defense, scoffed the warnings that could have freed me from fate’s unforgiving grip. Beware of blind faith, a man that condemns reason has something to hide. – You preyed on my hopes, on my body which I gave as proof of commitment. My dreams were bigger in scope than reality could ever realize. Your heart was too cold for the fires raging inside of me. – I was barely a woman when we met but that did not stay your hands. I remained long after you left, I remained for the sake of the life that grew within my trembling womb. Never did you lift a finger in service to the miracle our union evoked. – The sky above splits, thin fingers erupt from the darkness like a body breaking loose from its grave. There is no quiet left to bestow, my mind will not sleep given the misery that it has sown. Somewhere your broken body rests. Does death still dream? Because I can’t feel a goddamn thing. – I sat all night in my dusty clothes, my white dress speckled with blood. The moon as fine as a razor’s grin and I knew with relief that he would never see this terrible sight. Our child was taken from me and with him all that remained of my sanity. – What becomes of the living when life has stolen everything? We wanted only to be chosen, to be brilliant through association but you refused to yield. I won’t be held accountable for the loneliness that your loveless smile provoked. – for […]


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