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Music Challenge #33 “Hope in the Air” Sung by Laura Marling


Sadly no video

The song has been linked to King Lear by Shakespeare and is thought to be written from the perspective of his daughter Cordelia. You need not take that route but if you were curious.

You can always use pieces of the lyrics to inspire you. Any creative form goes, within reason.

“Hope in the Air” Sung by Laura Marling
There is a man that I know
For seventeen years he never spoke
Guess he had nothing to say
He opened his mouth on judgment day
I listened with all of my might
But was scared by the look in his eyes
Like he’d already lost the fight
And there was no hope ever in sight
No hope in the air,
No hope in the water,
Not even for me,
Your life serving daughter
I have seen men provoked
I have watched lives revoked
And I looked at my life and I choked
And from there, no more ever has spoke
Why fear death?
Be scared of living
Our hearts are small and ever thinning
There is no hope ever of winning
So why fear death?
Be scared of living
But I won’t give up that quick
My life is a candle and a wick
You can’t put it out but you can’t break it down
In the end, we are waiting to be lit
There’s hope in the air
There’s hope in the water
But no hope for me, your life serving daughter
Speak minds handed down to you
By the lies handed down by your truth
Your angels that dance at your will
Will mask your scrambling youth
I forgave you your shortcomings
And ignored your childish behavior
Laid a kiss on your head
And before I left said,
“Stay away from fleeting favour”
Oh, pick up your rope, Lord
Sling it to me
If we are to battle, I must not be weak.
And give us your strength, World
and your food and your water
Oh I am your saviour,
Your life serving daughter
There’s hope in the air
There’s hope in the water
But sadly, not me, your life serving daughter

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  1. mandibelle16
    August 12, 2018

    Thank you Laura for filling in! I appreciate it a lot 🙂

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