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Wordle #174

Jump in to a new week with a fresh wordle 🙂

12 words = lots of fun. Use a minimum of 10. The words can appear in alternate form and any order. Create some flash, pen a poem, carve a tall tale. A week to play.

Please include the tags MLMM or Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and wordle in your posts. Link to Mr. Linky cause he’s so swell and create your links and pingbacks here too. Have fun.

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1. turn signal
2. corrupt
3. pester
4. swain [a young lover or suitor|a country youth]
5. gibbous moon [any moon that appears more than half lighted but less than full is called a gibbous moon. The word gibbous comes from a root word that means hump-backed]
6. fen [a low and marshy or frequently flooded area of land|flat low-lying areas of eastern England, formerly marshland but largely drained for agriculture since the 17th century|wetland with alkaline, neutral, or only slightly acid peaty soil]
7. brunette
8. bombshell [an overwhelming surprise or disappointment|a very attractive woman|an artillery shell]
9. Lilliputian [trivial or very small|a trivial or very small person or thing|early 18th century: from the imaginary country of Lilliput in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, inhabited by people 6 inches (15 cm) high]
10. mawkish [sentimental in a feeble or sickly way|having a faint sickly flavor]
11. melodious
12. garage

About scribblersdip

I like weeds and words. I'm chaos theory in motion. I'm ironic and hilarious. I think garden dirt under fingernails is smart and no hands should be callus free. I play with plants and dictionaries.

17 comments on “Wordle #174

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  2. pensitivity101
    October 16, 2017

    To dye, or not to dye? That is the question!

    • scribblersdip
      October 16, 2017

      LOL – definitely a good question Di 🙂

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    • scribblersdip
      October 16, 2017

      thank you kindly 🙂

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  5. julespaige
    October 16, 2017

    In 61 words… (not including the title)
    Thumb Thing Special?

    • scribblersdip
      October 16, 2017

      thank you kindly 🙂

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