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Tale Weaver # 97: (un)Reality TV 08.12.16


Love it. Hate it. Watch it anyway. (un)Reality, unscripted television has come to define the viewing experiences of a generation or two.

When Canada decommissioned it’s lighthouses, I thought of getting a reality tv production company interested in forming a show around my husband and I going to live in one of these isolated structures. The drama would already be there: we fight a lot, I have health issues. The scenery spectacular. My husband is a birder so there could have been a subplot about preservation and conservation; I’m an historian, so I could research the building, and I’ve lived with in haunted spaces.  But I never did write that proposal.

Tale weavers: create a reality tv tapestry – what is the concept? What would actually happen during a “typical” episode? What makes this show “different” than the 1,000s of other (un)reality shows? Is there a catch phrase, like, forgive me but – “You’re fired!”

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image: lighthouseinn-ct.com

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10 comments on “Tale Weaver # 97: (un)Reality TV 08.12.16

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  2. Stephanie Colpron
    December 8, 2016

    I never watch reality TV. Well I watched a couple of episodes of some but the truth is I never liked it. So that should be an interesting (potentially painful 😜) challenge.

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  6. Magaly Guerrero
    December 11, 2016

    I didn’t participate in the prompt, since I already had a story in mind… but I’m truly enjoying the story to topic brewed. I’m very excited about taking part in the short story writing fun next week.

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