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Tale Weaver #90 : Ransom October 20, 2016



Weave a tale around this abduction: What was taken?; What is the ransom price: money; possessions; skills/talents?; Will you obey orders, or bring in the cops/friends/PI?; Will you go renegade to retrieve it yourself?

Your tale can be as Sherlockian or Indiana Jonesian as you chose. Have fun; stay safe; play the game.

{Have your most precious. No harm will come if do as told. Tell no-one. Await further instructions.}

Just a few requests: please tag your post MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, and Tale Weaver, create a ping-back to this page, and click on mr. linky to add your post to the list. Comments are always welcome.


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4 comments on “Tale Weaver #90 : Ransom October 20, 2016

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