Fairy Tale Prompt #70: June 2 2016: Let’s Fiddle!

Although we’ve just completed a fairy tale prompt, and since we the co-hosts have no fixed schedule for when we decide to play with this genre, other than once a month, I’d thought I’d start the month off with something light and playful. I hope you consider it and choose to play along 🙂

Most are probably familiar with this children’s English nursery rhyme:

Hey diddle diddle,

The cat and the fiddle,
The cow jumped over the moon.
The little dog laughed,
To see such fun,

And the dish ran away with the spoon.


(image found on Pintrest )

So for this week, here’s your inspiration. Please use this nursery rhyme and either continue the tale – by either expanding the story or adding the backstory – or consider adding some characters – or switching the existing characters up!

Your mission is to re-write this delightfully light and whimsical fairy tale of sorts – as you wish, in whatever form or style you wish. So flash fiction, fiction, prose poetry, poetry etc. – but remember – tell a story.

You have a week to participate.

Please share your responses by linking back to this post, or creating a ping back, and share your responses in the official linky station. Please include the tags MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, Fairy Tale prompt, and nursery rhyme in your responses. And remember, please indulge your inner child responsibly!



  1. She laughs, “wonderful children’s rhyme. When I was more of an eclectic, I would do “earring stories.” Continuing, “A local artist created wonderful mismatched clay earrings sets, like a cow and a moon and a star and a spoon so you could mix-it up.” Smiling, I’d play with which earrings — I had quite a collection in clay, and pewter so see if my earring stories could be decoded. But the cow and the moon remained many favs.”

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    • Wow! Now that sounds totally cool! Both the earrings and the stories. Talk about creative and imaginative. It never ceases to amaze me where people find inspiration and how they go about creating, in whatever mediums, from those points. 🙂

      And so, no pressures by the way, I will wait to see if you decide to hitch a ride with the cow, or play with the cat, or run away with the spoon XD


    • great and thank you 🙂

      sorry about the delay, but today the weather or WP has colluded to stop me from approving ping backs or leaving comments properly.

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      • Actually a slight day, wasn’t around for a few and then, earlier, I suspect it’s the weather … really rainy today, so I had approved ping backs and it supposedly went through, but then I had to disconnect and hours later, try again and ha! it was as if the comments were still in limbo land; makes for slight frustration, but so far, it’s working okay for now 🙂

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