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Writing Prompt #101 “Patti Smith”

Patti Smith

For this challenge we will be listening to the music of Patti Smith. I would have liked to include her poetry as well but very little of it is available online and in my opinion her best work is in her book. If you own Auguries of Innocence or can check it out at your local library feel free to use one of her poems. I do recommend checking it out if you can just because it is awesome. I am only linking a few songs here but there are A LOT more songs available on Youtube.

Dancing Barefoot

Smells like Teen Spirit (I really love her cover)


And if you can’t view/hear the videos here is a site with just the lyrics


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  4. phylor
    April 6, 2015

    It’s a very short piece. Rather than a poem or lyric, I used her first album, Horses, as the focus.
    Hadn’t thought of Patti Smith in a long time.

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