Dream Interpretation 14 ~ Holiday Dreams

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Important announcement! This will be my last dream interpretation post on MLMM. Thanks to all who have read my posts, left a like, and/or commented. Please contact MLMM if you would like to host these dream posts going forward.

What does it mean to dream about holiday gatherings, foods, gifts, etc.? According to Checkmydream, they mostly indicate a sense of happiness. If you dream of receiving an invitation though, that can indicate scandal is brewing. Aunty Flo says that dreaming of Santa’s elves can mean hardship for a friend. She also says that Christmas trees in dreams are associated with high self-confidence.

What about you ~ any holiday dreams to share?


  1. I like the dream interpretations. My dreams are always full. I’ve never dreamt of elves though, but family gatherings usually are something I dream about. I do find some of my dreams actually happen later on, but they are slightly different. For instance, I had a dream where I was in the room when my daughter gave birth, and a few years later that actually happened. Although in my dream, I was the one who was pregnant.

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