Dream Interpretation #10 ~ Driving Dreams

Photo by Taras Makarenko on Pexels.com

I have had many dreams about driving. Sometimes I’m the passenger, other times the driver. A couple times I was a “back seat driver,” able to steer somehow but unable to brake. Streets have flooded and trapped me in my car with water rising up to the windows. What does it all mean? How do we interpret driving dreams?

Well, the Dream Bible tells us that driving dreams are about control and decision-making. If you feel that you are not in charge of your own life and others are making decisions for you, you may dream of an out-of-control vehicle or riding as a passenger. Your steering wheel won’t obey your wishes, nor (in my case) will you be able to slow down or stop the car. Are you stressed about the direction your life is taking? Then maybe you will get lost while driving in a dream, unable to find the way to your destination, GPS failing, no one to ask for help. I’ve had lots of dreams about getting lost!

The Dream Bible mentions that if your driving dream is set at night, this may reflect a lack of confidence in your decisions or obstacles in the way of your goals. If you dream of driving an extra-large vehicle, this could represent an awkward situation in your life or your inability to move around freely. Driving a rundown car may indicate a feeling of financial insecurity; on the other hand, driving a costly car could indicate your decisions are unstoppable and powerful. If you dream of being unable to find your car (I have had these dreams), this could represent a life situation that isn’t working out for you. The color of the car in your dream also has meaning: black (fear), red (danger), light blue (caring for others and/or honesty). See this page for more information about cars in dreams along with examples.

How about you? Respond to this prompt (with a linkback) and describe one of your driving dreams, or write a poem or a piece of fiction about a driving dream. Start your engines!


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