Tale Weaver 26.08.21 – It’s Not About Falling…

Hello everyone, welcome to another installment of the Tale Weaver prompt.

I have been reflecting on “failure” lately; with the pandemic my job in the tourism industry became redundant. I negotiated my leave almost a year ago already from the company in order to provide for my family throughout a reconversion. But I’m 40 and a mom of 2 toddlers; unfortunately both are impediments to finding a job in this current economy. I’ve had interviews with no results… So, failure or hurdle? Depending on the day, it feels like one or the other. 

So to our Tale Weaver Theme; It’s not how you fall it’s how you get back up…

All good hurdlers fall; the best ones get back up and finish the race. Felicien, Johnson both fell at the Olympics in Athens back in 2004 (while I don’t recall the women’s race I do remember Johnson’s fall, oh dear! 17 years ago 😱😱). Just like the heroes in epic tales; Odysseus, Eneus, Tristan and Isolde, Samwise Gamgee… of course they don’t all get a happy ending, but despite the obstacles they try and see it through.

This week I invite you to share a tale of resilience, of falling and getting back up to see the story through; it might be a grand quest or a project at work or at home… Yours to decide.

Let us read your tale of overcoming obstacles.

In summary

  • Go where the prompt takes you and have fun!
  • Prose, poetry, fable… please share your stories in whatever style works for you.
  • Keep your stories/quests/tales below 1000 words
  • Post it on your blog and tag it MLMM, Tale Weaver, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie
  • Be sure to leave a pingback or a link so we (I) can read your contribution


  1. Good luck with your job search. I know how disheartening and discouraging that can be! As the old song goes, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”

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