Sunday Writing Prompt “Phone Call”

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Options (choose one or more)
1. Recall a pivotal phone conversation in your own life. What was it about? Who were you talking to? How did it change/effect your life?
2. Imagine that you receive a call from the other side from a person now deceased but once significant in your life (for better or worse). You now have the chance to tell them whatever you like. Alternatively you can assist this person in any unfinished business they may have had.
3. Imagine that you receive a call from a lawyer about the death of an unknown relative or a person you assisted in the past but knew only briefly and an inheritance. What is the nature of the inheritance and what will you do with it?
4. Imagine you receive a call from someone who wishes to connect/reconnect with you. This can be a highschool sweetheart, a child placed for adoption, a childhood friend, an estranged relative etc.
5. Imagine you receive a threatening call from a stalker, blackmailer, ransom etc.

If you like several of these options feel free to submit multiple entries.


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