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Sunday Writing Prompt “Train Ticket”

150168.jpgFor today’s prompt you are going on a train ride. Choose either the journey itself as your focus (a classic mystery/crime drama to solve for example) or the destination. The train need not be of this reality and therefore it can take you anywhere including the after life! As to how you came by the train ticket that too can have mysterious origins. Have fun 🙂

About mindlovemisery

Music: PJ Harvey, Radio Head, Fleetwood Mac, David Usher/Moist, Johnny Cash, Portishead, Damien Rice (basically I am a 90s kid I like alternative, grunge, Industrial and other types of metal, oldies, punk, rock etc.) Authors: Sylvia Plath, James Baldwin, Edmund White, Arthur Rimbaud, Jim Carrol, Jeff Noon, etc. Movies: A Clock Work Orange, Fight Club, House of Flying Daggers (I like a lot of cult movies, horror, comedy, drama, I don't like action and fantasy is terrifying lol) Philosophical Beliefs: Buddhism, Daoism, Shintoism (before it changed under Nationalism), The Transcendent Order Favorite Video Game: Planescape Torment What I do: read, write, yoga, pilates, weight-lift, walk, study philosophy and psychology, dance like a crazy person, paint, dream etc. Qualities: stubborn, sarcastic, teasing, playful, open, flirtatious, eccentric, passionate, forgetful, open-minded.

26 comments on “Sunday Writing Prompt “Train Ticket”

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  3. pensitivity101
    August 18, 2019

    Last train ride I had was 12 hours on the Overlander in NZ. Fabulous but the loo was a bit iffy and I was considerably heavier then so it was a tight squeeze getting in and out!

    • Nova
      August 18, 2019

      Well that sounds miserable. Maybe you can write about a better, more pleasant experience?

      • pensitivity101
        August 18, 2019

        Actually it was great because the journey was over areas not easily accessible by car and I was on my way to Wellington for my solo ‘mini trek’. There was a viewing lounge so you got to see the countryside. It was a wonderful experience.

      • Nova
        August 18, 2019

        Oh yay!! That’s awesome to hear 🙂

      • pensitivity101
        August 18, 2019

        I had a wonderful week, taking in Picton, Kaikora and a Whale Watch sea trip, Christchurch and Greymouth.

    • mindlovemisery
      August 20, 2019

      Sounds like the trip came with some trials but glad that overall it was pleasant. On a trip of Europe with my school my mom (she was a chaperone) her bathroom was so small to take a shower she had to sit on the toilet lol

      • pensitivity101
        August 20, 2019

        Some of the narrow boat and camper vans are like that. But we viewed a house where they had an en suite. The problem was it was in the eaves and you had to lean backwards (or forwards depending on your point of view) to get in, and you couldn’t stand up without banging your head on the skylight window! It was OK is you were under five feet tall, but for a six footer like my husband fat chance!

      • mindlovemisery
        August 20, 2019

        I feel so much sympathy when I see these tall, big shouldered men trying to squeeze into all these tiny spaces. Even the bus man 2 guys trying to sit side by side hang out in the aisle. Hubs is only 5’8 but has broad shoulders which make it tricky for him on the bus. Sometimes being just under 5’4 makes it easier (not really short, not tall)

      • pensitivity101
        August 20, 2019

        It amazes me sometimes how small the cubicles are in public conveniences. I’m glad we don’t use them unless it’s a dire emergency!

      • mindlovemisery
        August 21, 2019

        I know right!

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  13. Lisa Coleman
    August 19, 2019

    Here is my take on this challenge. Thanks for bringing me back to a time that I had tucked away in my memory banks. https://oureyesopen.blog/2019/08/18/hop-a-train/

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