Sunday Writing Prompt “Alien Abduction”

Alien Abduction
This week I want you to describe an alien abduction from the point of view of the alien.
What is your alien’s name?
Feel free to use one or more of the suggestions below (note I used a lot of constellation names so pronunciations are readily available)
Viola-Tryn (f)
Dragan Anwar (m)
Bellise Evergarden (f)
Eridanus Vela (m)
Acacia Prism (f)
Damascus Horologium (m)
Ariadne Celeste (f)
Hyperion Borealis (m)
Pyxis Gemini (androgynous)

Does your alien have any special powers/extrasensory abilities?
Is your alien faster/strong/superior to humans in anyway?
Describe your aliens physical appearance in detail
Some possible ideas
Nictitating eyelids
Alopecia universalis
Voluptuous curves
Bony protuberance(s)
Extra appendages
Unusual hair or skin colors
Crest (such as birds have but it doesn’t have to be feathers)
Scales, fur, feathers etc.
Enlarged/absent/reduced/unusual/elongated/truncated features
Webbed fingers or toes
Where does the abduction take place? When does the abduction take place?
Is your alien doing the abducting or are they the one being abducted?
Describe the abduction in detail including the release if relevant
Describe the ship, the lab, and/or some of the technology used during the abduction


  1. Thanks for a wonderful prompt MLM.
    I know I have not been here for a long while, but do intend to come back.
    Anna :o]


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