Music Friday Prompt #20: “Girl with the Crimson Hair” by the Imperial Swing Orchestra


Got a new beat for all you swinging cats 🙂 Swing music found its heyday between the mid 1930s and early 1940s. But did you know the term “Swing” referred to the style of jazz music?  When referring to the dance,  the term “jitterbug.”refers to all forms of swing dance.

Next time you are in the midst of a trivia night, you are now armed with a “tidbit” that may just earn you respect and free drinks. Just don’t forget to invite me to the celebratory party.


Spit-shine, dressed so fancy
So fine, hope that she’s there
Waiting for you; ’round the corner:
The girl with the crimson hair

Oh my, ballroom is crowded
Whoopie, everyone’s there
All you care ’bout, all she wants is
The girl with the crimson hair

You take her hand, she knows the score
Swingin’ and swayin’ on the dance floor
When you romp and stomp and hold her tight
Until midnight!
The girl with the crimson hair


Use the above song as inspiration for any form of creative expression (including but not limited too short stories, poems, lyrics, artwork, photography, covers, music/dance videos etc.)Alternatively,

If you are a musician use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

You do not have to include the video but please mention the song/artist in your post.

When you’re done, TAG the post Music Challenge and Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie, and add your link to the Link Button. And don’t forget to link to this post or copy your post’s URL into the comments. We can read your post sooner that way.


Find more information about Swing dance

Image Courtesy of Tran Quoc Duong



  1. I wonder if the ‘party’ I’m gonna be at later… is gonna have some Jazz?
    Sure come to the Masquerade!! I’m gonna go as a ‘Flapper!’

    But… it could just be a dull dinner…

    I think though I shall use the prompt for another BeeBee mini mystery…
    So …stay tuned. 🙂

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