Tale Weaver # 20: Vacations

peaceful vacation
peaceful vacation

As the summer progresses, people start thinking about going on holiday. Well, tale weavers, write a story about your favourite or dream vacation.

Your vacation is anywhere. Here on Earth, steeped in fantasy or fact. A phantasmagorical trip through the cosmos. It’s your vacation!

Can’t wait to see where the tale weavers have been, and what they did. Or where they want to go.

Photos and drawings allowed to highlight your trip past or future. The pictures can’t tell the story only highlight your trip.

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  1. […] https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2015/07/02/tale-weaver-20-vacations/ I have never been anywhere special, never had a chance to do anything grand. The farthest I’ve ever gone is the border, though to me that was a trip in itself. So today I’ve decided to do something drastic. I’m a sucker for a good mystery and something that has always mystified me is the tales of Atlantis. Now, I know no one knows exactly where Atlantis is or how to find it, but with my thorough research I think I may have a clue. So today I’m stepping way out of my comfort zone and boarding a private jet to take me through the Bermuda Triangle. All things lost there have yet to be found and I strongly believe that instead of getting lost, this magical triangle will take me to wherever my heart desires. The world isn’t big enough for planes and people to be lost forever. So now I fly. […]


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