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Fairytale Prompt #32

Dragon and Elf

Wallpaper Free

In many fairytales the hero embarks on an arduous journey through brutal and extreme landscapes. Who lives in these seemingly uninhabitable regions? How have they adapted to such extreme conditions? It is your job to decide that. You can create a village, a couple, a group of friends/siblings, or an individual. I want to know why they have decided to live so far off the beaten track. Were they born there? Have they mutated such that they cannot live anywhere else? Or do they simply choose to live there coming up with ingenious methods to help them navigate and adapt in a hostile environment. How do they figure into the hero’s journey? Do they offer shelter? Advice? Are they an obstacle like a dragon living in a cave? Are they avoided? Feared? Exiled? Revered? Doubted? Are they completely unknown?

Some environments to consider






Outer space



Haunted or cursed regions/buildings

In the desert

On the streets

In a forest full of beasties

In the vicinity of much larger potentially dangerous creatures (Is theirs a symbiotic relationship? Or do they live in secret?)

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6 comments on “Fairytale Prompt #32

  1. julespaige
    November 1, 2014

    I working on it… sometime tomorrow. 🙂

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