Tale Weaver’s Prompt #32 “The Velveteen Rabbit”

The Velveteen Rabbit Aranda Dill Deviant Art

Aranda Dill@Deviant Art

This week’s prompt is the Velveteen Rabbit

If you are not familiar with the Velveteen Rabbit you can read about it on Wikipedia


For this prompt I want you to imagine that you are an inanimate object that has acquired sentience.

How did you acquire sentience? A spell? A child’s wish/prayer? A mysterious storm? Possession? Technology? An unexplained awakening?

Describe your first experiences.

Does anyone discover your sentience or do you keep it hidden? Are there others like you?

As an animate being is there anything you wish to accomplish?

Does anyone have power over you? Are you a pawn? If so, what is the objective of your master?

Are you good or evil?

Is your sentience permanent or temporary? If temporary what is the meaning of your existence and what is the cause of its cessation? What keeps you alive?


I really want you to delve into what sentience means


  1. “We didn’t know it would be like this,” said the fairy to the bunny. “We thought they would be able to see your beauty and love you.”

    “But they don’t love us,” said the bunny sadly. “They hunt and kill us. They eat us and wear our fur. They torture us and experiment on us. They do not see our beauty at all.”

    “I’m sorry my friend,” said the fairy unhappily. “You can come with me and live in Fairy. “Perhaps if all of the animals leave, the biggest animals, humans, will realize what they have lost.”

    The bunny shook his head. “They will never learn. They have no heart. They don’t know what love is. They only know violence.”

    “Then come with me,” sang the fairy. “Come with me.”

    So all of the bunnies left the earth and moved to Fairy where they were loved for who they were. They no longer had to live in fear of pain and death. They no longer had to hide but instead they lived in peace and enjoyed the sun on their backs.

    The earth grew even darker, the day the bunnies left. But while the animals took note, the humans remained unaware, too busy killing to notice.

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