Sunday Confessionals : Secrets

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In the folk- tale collected by writer Vuk Karadzic, “Emperor Troyan has goat ears” you will find notions of a cruel and malevolent emperor Troyan, who, as the title suggests, had a set of goat ears. Every day, the emperor would be visited by a barber, whom the emperor would ask, after shaving him, what did he notice? Each barber would say that he saw the emperor have a pair of goat ears, and the emperor would have each barber killed. One barber, when it was his turn to shave the emperor, fakes being ill and sent his apprentice instead. After shaving the emperor, the apprentice barber was asked what did he see, to which the apprentice answered with “I saw nothing”. As a reward, the emperor gave him 12 golden coins and ordered him to be the only one to shave him from now on. But, the young barber found himself more and more troubled by the secret that the emperor’s ears are that of a goat. Because he started finding it harder and harder to contain himself and not tell the secret to anybody, he listened to the advice of his master barber I dug a hole in the field; he would kneel down and yell the secret into the hole:” Emperor Troyan has the ears of a goat!”. Over time, elderflower stalks grew from the hole, and all local sheep herders have cut it down to make flutes. Once the shepherds played their flutes, throughout the music, the secret of emperor Troyan would spread and soon everybody knew and heard about his goat ears. Emperor Troyan learned that nothing in this world can remain hidden forever, he has spared the life of the apprentice barber and allowed any barber to shave him with no danger for their life.

For this week, I would like you to share a piece or a creation which so far, you have felt like yelling into a hole; a secret, an unpopular opinion. You are likewise more than welcome to share an old piece that deals with the thematic.

Once you are done, share your post in the comments, and link up via Mr. Linky; check out the other entries as well. Happy sharing!!


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