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Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix, 19 June 2021

Welcome to the Saturday Mix – Lucky Dip, 19 June 2021!

For this week’s Lucky Dip, I have reached into my mystery bag and pulled out a Epulaeryu. The topic is up to you!

You may be thinking to yourself, What on earth is a Limerick?

Luckily, Shadow Poetry has an explanation…


The Epulaeryu poem is all about delicious food. It consists of seven lines with thirty-three (33) syllables. The first line has seven (7) syllables, the second line five (5), the third line seven (7), the fourth line five (5), the fifth line five (5), the sixth line three (3), and the seventh line has only one (1) syllable which ends with an exclamation mark. The form is 7/5/7/5/5/3/1. Each line has one thought which is about the main course.

Therefore, this poetic form, the Epulaeryu, which has corresponding lines built around the main course and ending with an exclamation point, concludes with the ending line expressing the writer’s excitement and feelings about the poem. The poem may be rhymed or unrhymed. The Epulaeryu poem was developed by Joseph Spence, Sr. The name of the poetic form was selected as a result of experiencing the Mediterranean and Far East cultures, and enjoying many succulent and nourishing meals and food during those memorable travels.


Tasty Dessert
Butter and sugar with nuts
Sautéed in the pan
Special blend of rum to mix
Sliced fried bananas
Pastry on the top

Copyright © 2006 Joseph Spence, Sr.

Good luck with your ‘Lucky Dip Epulaeryu’ – I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to tag ‘Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’, ‘Saturday Mix’, and hashtag #LuckyDip.

As always, make sure you link your fabulous creation to the helpful Mister Linky.

About weejars

I am a teacher with a passion for writing short stories, poems and other scribblings to provide an outlet for my more creative side. Hope you enjoy the ride!

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