Sunday Writing Prompt, May 2/2021 – Out of This World

Please note: As I mentioned on my Saturday Spotlight, I am posting this prompt early because I might be camping this weekend, and therefore, off the grid.

Based on the extremely positive feedback from my last prompt (thanks everyone!!), I’ve decided to stray from the norm and offer another offbeat prompt.


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Today’s Sunday Writing Prompt: Choose a planet, and create a colony

This can be based today…100 years from now…3000 years from now. It can be a colony of humans, animals, or alien beings. You can write on the building of the colony, the triumphs or trials of an established colony, the ultimate demise of the colony…whatever you like! Choose an existing planet, or discover a new one! When writing, think of it more like a novel or movie, and less like a check-list. Bring the reader into your unique world.

I can’t wait to read what you come up with!!

The Rules:

  • The style is completely open; poetry, prose, even a single sentence…Go where the prompt takes YOU!
  • Keep your submission to 500 words or less.
  • Post it on your page, and TAG it Sunday Writing PromptSWPMLMMMindlovemisery’s MenagerieAnd be sure to leave a link in the comment section below.
  • Feel free to use my photo for inspiration, or as your own cover image.
  • Please have your submissions in by the END OF EACH FRIDAY (Pacific Standard Time). Every Saturday, I will post a “standout” piece in a post entitled, SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT. Bear in mind, it will be based on my personal opinion. If you are not chosen, that does NOT mean your piece was not superb.
  • Be creative and HAVE FUN!

Please, take a moment and visit last week’s selection for the Saturday Spotlight series, Stephanie Colpron,



  1. […] In her first moments outside the bunker, fifty hours later, Marcia’s bionic vision scanned the outpost and the base camp. G-O-N-E typed across her visor. An odd vibration filled her midsection.“This is stress.”, she confirmed. That had happened during her training and her memory banks recalled it. It was not supposed to happen to an android but it had. An order had been placed to fix that, but it just wasn’t done. On closer inspection of the colony, she found a ‘storm cellar’ wide open and one escape pod missing. “This must be relief.”, she verbalized. Her mechanical voice rising an octave. That night, Marcia sat on the highest stone outcropping. Some humans most certainly had survived but none had retrieved her. That just wasn’t done. “This must be the feeling of abandonment.”, she thought. With her hands on her face, her shoulders shook in the darkness.Sunday Writing Prompt, May 2/2021 – Out of This World | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (wordpres… […]


    • Di, I very much enjoyed your take on the prompt!! “In the blink of The Eye they were gone, leaving behind The Darkness, and becoming part of a New Light to begin again.” As hard as it can sometimes be to leave behind “The Darkness”, it is worth it to become part of a “New light”. Lovely 🙂


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