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Sunday Writing Prompt “Guardian”

For this week’s prompt we are going fantasy. Generally we write from the perspective of the hero, the villain, or the damsel in distress but for this week’s prompt I … Continue reading

June 14, 2020 · 13 Comments

Sunday Writing Prompt “Adventure”

I have set up a video game style rpg plot below. I want you to collect your team and go on, at least, one quest which will be the bulk … Continue reading

October 27, 2019 · Leave a comment

Sunday Writing Prompt “Glade of Infinite Nothings”

The Scene The air is dewy and ambrosial, corpulent drops embellish the foliage. The reflections catch intermittently in your periphery and you find yourself blinking against the dazzling fusillade. The … Continue reading

January 27, 2019 · 6 Comments