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Wordle #223

IrresistibleRose QuartzChanceDiveAortistic- indefinite; indeterminateAffirmationEmbedDesignThingGorgeousLinkTwo

January 18, 2021 · 13 Comments

Wordle #222

Haughty Branches Procellous- stormy, as the sea Prolixity- a tendency to speak or write at great or tedious length Touch Stumble Throat Wild Strawberries Heavy Fray Kimono Seconds

January 11, 2021 · 7 Comments

Wordle #221

Beautiful Obsession Apologia- a defense especially of one’s opinions, position, or actions Hips Contestation- controversy: debate Narrow Jealousy Secret Oblige Lick Bite Passion

January 4, 2021 · 11 Comments

Bonus Wordle “Witch”

Lean-to Bundle Witch Chamomille Herbs Firewood Cauldron Cloak Haste Brumal- wintry Dreary Fainéant- an idle or ineffective person

December 28, 2020 · 12 Comments

Wordle #220

Mug Snuggery- a cozy room Fireplace Mittens Frost Star Alms Shiver Evergreen Red Cocoa Wrapping Paper

December 21, 2020 · 13 Comments

Wordle #219

Sorry for the lack of graphic and the delay. Technical difficulties! Lake Paraselene- a bright moonlike spot on a lunar halo; a mock moon. Abscond- to depart in a sudden … Continue reading

December 14, 2020 · 6 Comments

Wordle #218

Yes Walls Rhytym Swim Doomscrolling- the practice of obsessively checking online news for updates, especially on social media feeds, with the expectation that the news will be bad, such that … Continue reading

December 7, 2020 · 10 Comments

Wordle #217

Ice Spill Bestow Obstinate Crumble Lighthouse Murky Garble Drama Print Quiver Surrender

November 30, 2020 · 10 Comments

Wordle #216

Reason Thread Life Goddess Prove Catalyst Bludgeon Message Savor Keep Reflect Doorway

November 23, 2020 · 13 Comments

Wordle #215

Telepath Allow Touch Lips Soft Lower Satisfice- decide on and pursue a course of action that will satisfy the minimum requirements necessary to achieve a particular goal. Chest Heartbeat Affix … Continue reading

November 16, 2020 · 10 Comments