Dream Interpretation #11 ~ Sports Dreams

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One of our commenters last time mentioned he’d dreamt about golf. Have you dreamt about sports? I can’t recall that I have. According to The List, dreaming about sports generally has to do with competition and ambition. You may feel stressed about competing with people at work or school, you may feel a nagging sense of inadequacy about what you’re achieving compared to others, or you may worry that you’re about to get fired. If you’re playing a team sport in your dream, this may symbolize different aspects to your personality that are competing for primacy. Perhaps you are “warring” with yourself over how much time you should devote to a career vs family vs hobbies, etc.

Specific sports have different meanings. The article notes that tennis is generally a positive symbol ~ a promotion, a financial boon, a goal achieved, etc. But if the ball is bouncing back and forth in the dream, that could indicate you are confused about the direction of your life. Unsurprisingly, football dreams are about dominance, power, strength, and obstacles. This could be positive or negative, depending on whether you feel you are in control of a current situation and/or if you have the resolve to move on from something that isn’t working out. Soccer dreams supposedly indicate good luck in the money arena, while volleyball dreams signify happy endings and a brighter future.

Dreaming about golf, a relatively peaceful game, is a sign that you need to chill out. You’ve been working too hard and should take it easy and treat yourself to some luxuries. If you dream about running, you obviously are seeking an escape from an unpleasant situation in reality ~ you aren’t sure you have the strength to confront that situation, so you’re trying to get away from it instead. What about basketball, baseball, swimming, skiing, and surfing? Visit The List to find out more details regarding the meanings of these dreams. And if you’ve had any sports dreams that you can recall, be sure to describe them to us on your blog with a link back.

Check back on October 27 for scary dream meanings… if you dare! Muhahahaha!


  1. I have probably dreamed about sports on occasion, but I forget most of my dreams within minutes of waking up, except for recurring dreams and none of them have been about sports, unless you consider the ability to fly a sport.

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