Dream Interpretation #9 ~ Butterfly Dreams

Dreamy butterfly in purple
Photo by Musindo Kahonde on Pexels.com

Have you ever dreamt of a butterfly? Do you think a butterfly would dream about you? I’ve frequently used butterflies in my poetry to illustrate change and metamorphosis. To me, they are beautiful symbols of escaping from a self-imposed confinement, whether physical, mental, or spiritual, and becoming comfortable in your own skin.

According to Crystal Clear Intuition, butterflies in dreams can represent transformation, awakening, success, growth, and/or discovery of inner truths. A butterfly showing up in your dream can mean you are about to undergo a change in your life. This could be a career switch, emotional growth, discovering your passion, or another kind of change. It might also mean that you have transformed into a more resilient person after undergoing a challenge or a hardship. If you dream of chasing a butterfly (the bright, elusive butterfly of love, perhaps?), this could be a sign to trust your intuition, become more confident, and reach out to catch any opportunities that manifest themselves to you.

I’m interested in hearing about your butterfly dreams. Do you enjoy using butterfly themes in your writing or other art? Respond to this prompt on your own blog and describe your dreams of butterflies. Or write a piece of poetry or flash fiction that includes butterfly symbolism or metaphor. Please don’t forget to link back to this post.

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