Dream Interpretation #7 “Dream Creatures-Kikimora”


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The Kikimora are the first traditional explanation for sleep paralysis. “Sleep paralysis is a condition identified by a brief loss of muscle control, known as atonia1, that happens just after falling asleep or waking up. In addition to atonia, people often have hallucinations during episodes of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is categorized as a type of parasomnia.” To learn more about sleep paralysis click HERE. The Kikimora according to Wikipedia live in the home and act as custodians of the household. If the home and/or family are not properly cared for they will haunt the occupants and disturb their sleep. To learn more about the Kikimora click HERE. For this challenge I want you to write about your own personal experiences with sleep paralysis, hauntings, and/or nightmares. Alternatively you can explore the mythology of the Kikimora and write a fictional (or factual if you have encountered one!) story or poem about them.


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