Dream Interpretation #5 “The Room”

Photo by Gregoire Jeanneau on Unsplash

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On the morning of August 1st I woke up and looked at my plain white walls and saw instead sky blue wallpaper with yellow stars. After a quick but painful adjustment to the morning sun the white walls came into focus. For this challenge I want you to write about a room with sky blue wallpaper and yellow stars. Who does the room belong to? What is the function of this room? What takes place in this room? Is this room an ordinary room or a magical room? You decide. If you have a particular room that appears to you in dreams that you would like to describe instead please feel free!


  1. I often dream about rooms in previous houses. I;m never sure if it’s just a relived memory or desire to go back, but when I think about the latter, those days were not happy for me, so they stay as a memory.

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    • Whenever I dream about the house we had on Belmont Street I know it will be a nightmare. I didn’t have happy memories there and like you I am happy to keep them as memories (no desire to revisit!). I remember I had a dream when I was about to start middle school. I had such a clear image of what the school was going to look like and then I came to Sweden many many years later and walked through a middle school that looked exactly like the one in my dreams. It wasn’t the middle school I actually attended and I can’t imagine I saw it on television, as it wasn’t a famous school or anything. The school has not yet turned out to be remotely important in my life either, I just happened to walk through it on my way somewhere else. Sometimes we also dream about places we will visit in the future.

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