Dream Interpretation #4 “Flying”

Photo by Bogdan Carmaciu on Unsplash

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Today we fly. I want you to describe your most vivid experience with flight. This can be from a dream or it can be a real life experience (such as a hot air balloon ride). If you have never left the ground I would like you to imagine what it feels like to soar through the clouds like a bird, to ride a dragon, to travel in an airship etc. Use all of the senses and as many emotions as possible to create an experience within the reader.

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  1. I haven’t dreamt of flying, but remember my first flight in 1993. It was a KLM City Hopper from Southampton to Schiphol and I was like Garfield attached to the windows, taking pictures of the same cloud from about ten different angles. Hubby asked the flight attendant if I could go up into the cockpit and it was arranged. You were allowed to then. I was fascinated to see where we were and have the gauges explained to me. I was given a kiddies goody bag of crayons, post cards and badges. Wonderful!!!


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