Sunday Confessionals : Generationally Environmental

Painting by Miki De Goodaboom, and can be found HERE

Greetings, everyone, for this lovely Sunday I recommend some nice chilling drink while mulling over today’s prompt.

What I keep noticing and thinking about is how, in some actions, my demeanor or the way I may pick up a cup of the table resembles somebody else I am related to; whether I want it or not. Likewise, I look at my son and the way he holds a pen or sighs at the line to enter the park and I go : “That’s me, right there!”. There are patterns that make me nostalgic and there are patterns that make me scared.

This week, I would like to invite you to explore just these patterns; if it was up to me I would say focus on the cute, little ones in yourself, your kin and those around you that you generationally and environmentally inherited or passed on, but you can likewise touch up on those that frighten you or make you question things.

Once you are done with your creation, link it up with Mr Linky, post it below and partake in reading some other entries.

And most of all, explore, and have fun!


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