Dream Interpretation #2 “A Life-Altering Kiss.”

Juri Gianfrancesco@Unsplash

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Dream contains sexual content. It is not necceassry to read the dream described below to submit a dream of your own for interpretation.

A Life-Altering Kiss

I drove to a large house on the outskirts of an unknown town. It should be noted that I do not own a car and that the thought of driving fills me with terror. In the dream it felt quite natural to drive and I arrived safely and without incident. When I arrived I felt like taking a nap. It was evening and the sun was beginning to set. There were clouds in the sky. The yard was open and empty. No parking. No garage. No grass. Just flat, bare ground. I found a mattress inside and lied down. I was greeted by the owner of the estate and he asked if he could get in bed with me. I agreed and we snuggled together and fooled around but as he was preparing to penetrate me he suddenly left. I went looking for him. I wanted an explanation for his departure and also to explore my surroundings. I found him at the bar serving drinks. I sat down in front of him while he polished glasses with a white towel. It was then that I realized it was not a house at all. I think it might have been a hotel or a bed and breakfast. He didn’t really resemble the man from earlier but I took it for granted that they were the same. He was not as handsome or as fit as I remember him being when we met. Of course I didn’t really get a good look at him in the darkened room. He said that it takes a man much longer to get aroused than a woman and I think what he meant to say was that it takes a man much longer to fall in love with a woman. Whatever the case I felt he wasn’t being totally honest with me. He was aroused when he left.

I looked around the bar and saw several handsome men. Most of them staff. It seemed to me that the staff was all male. I thought I don’t really want to invest myself in this man if he’s not interested. One of these other men might be more interested. I followed one man into a room and we kissed and it was very, very, very real. I felt every single flick of his tongue. I could taste him. I remember what I thought when we were kissing. I wanted it to last. I wanted it to be something special and intimate. I have never experienced such a rewarding, beautiful make out session. It was the best kiss I have ever received honestly and hands down. I cannot remember what he looked like because I have a very hard time opening my eyes during lucid dreams. I remember glancing at a man with wavy hair and nice lips when scanning the men at the bar earlier.

Then we parted and I came across young man in the kitchen when I was exploring the facilities. He had beautiful green eyes and silky hair. He was young and pretty. He reminded me of my Spirit guide in his manner and somewhat in his appearance. He took my hand and led me into a very small broom closet and turned off the lights. I tried to kiss him but he said his lips were peeling. He hugged me instead and buried his face in my neck. He held me very close and I found his touch warm and comforting. He whispered in my ear “In a month, you will know for certain how he feels.” and I asked him if he meant Lukas (my real life partner) and he answered yes. We parted and I went upstairs but by then I was starting to wake up and it was very hard to keep my eyes open. I was looking for a particular man I had seen downstairs (the man I had kissed?). There was a bedroom with a purple office chair but he wasn’t there as per my expectation. I entered an extremely narrow, cave-like, perhaps secret passage and woke up.

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