Story Swap #1 “The Drunken Oracle”

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I thought it would be fitting to start this challenge with a story from the game that inspired it.


She nodded to me, “Greetings. I am Yves, the Tale-Chaser.”

“What a coincidence! I, too, chase tails,” Morte chirped.

Yves continued, unperturbed. “Have you come to trade tales?”

“Why are you called the ‘Tale-Chaser?'”

She stared past me, and recited a story long-practiced and enchanting, “Once upon a time, a girl came to an oracle who was rumored to know many things and asked of it a boon. Her life was in need of direction, so she asked this oracle as to what would give her purpose…

“Now, the oracle was not evil, but it was vague and tended towards drink, which caused it to be obscure in many matters of judgment and focus. Its only answer to the girl’s question was that within one story that she would hear in her lifetime was the truth that she sought. The girl went off and collected stories, which she chases to this day, not knowing which of the thousands hold the truth.

“Such is the danger of a foolish question and the wisdom of an unspoken one.” Yves the Tale-Chaser, Planescape Torment

When I was child I used to go door to door visiting neighbors and collecting stories. Like Yves I was on a quest. Specifically I wanted to find a better definition for love than the one my parents had provided. I wanted to know what it meant to be human. I wanted to find purpose and a way to transmute my suffering into something beautiful. I wanted to know that my situation could improve, that I could evolve beyond the limitations imposed on me by my upbringing. I wanted my story to be a story not just worth telling but worth living. Some days ago, just to amuse myself, I asked an oracle what my purpose was and it said poetry, love, and spiritual wisdom. Not quite as vague as Yves’ oracle and surprisingly apt.

Possible Themes

Oracles and Divination

A search for purpose

A story that changed your life

The origin of your name

Bad and/or misleading advice

Quests of futility

Foolish questions and their consequences

Tarot Card (Since the theme involves divination I decided to pull a tarot card. If you like I can pull one for every story.)

The Hermit Upright– Solitude, retreat, soul-searching, reluctant leadership, enlightenment, meditation, wisdom, withdrawal, guidance

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  1. Not quite sure where to go with this, but the story behind why I was called Diana might be of interested if you haven’t already read my post years ago on it.
    My parents were convinced I was going to be a boy and were going to call me Robert.
    When I arrived with the wrong plumbing (and a weight problem within seconds of birth as the nurse said I was eight pounds and half an ounce and my Dad said I was heavier than that so i was weighed again and found to be nine pounds), rather than add an ‘A’ on the end of Robert, they called me Diana after the main character in a book my Mum was reading about a girl and her horse. I am grateful I was not called after the horse!!

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