MLMM Resurrection in Process

For me Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie is my Brothel of Slaking Intellectual Lusts. For those of you familiar with the 90s computer game Planescape Torment this reference might mean something, for the rest of you it probably won’t make much sense so let me explain. The word brothel is misleading. It might be more accurate to call it a philosophical school, poetry being what it is to the soul. For me it is a sanctuary, a place to expand the mind and heart, to explore the sensual, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual realms, a place where inspiration and creativity combine with freedom of expression. It is a place where people can be themselves and form meaningful connections with others through the artistic medium of their choice, at least, I hope it is that kind of place. When I first started MLMM I never imagined that so many people would come together to assist me. I am so grateful to every single person who has participated in the creation of my dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Thanks to everyone’s support MLMM did not fall when I was away. Now it is time to create. To reinvent. To reawaken my dream. I have been brainstorming with the remaining members of my team and we have worked out a new schedule. I would love to get your feedback and if there is anyone interested in joining the team please leave a comment below.


Monday- Wordle (Lisa)

Tuesday- Photo Challenge (Sarah, Nekneeraj, or other)

Wednesday- Story Swap– Fiction and nonfiction, comic strips and collages, short movies, the host will share a story either finished or unfinished. The participant will then share their own story or provide an alternative ending. Feedback to be given on stories by both host and participants. Note: It is possible to share myths and parables as long as they are credited. Host may encourage the creation of longer stories over a series of several weeks.

Thursday- Dream Interpretation- Share your dreams and get feedback on possible interpretations. (Hosted Needed)

Friday- Friday Faithfuls- Good news, innovation, gratitude, inspiring quotes, every day heroes, nature, manifestation, miracles, random acts of kindness etc. The objective of this prompt is to help restore our faith in humanity. (Hosted Needed)

Saturday- Saturday Mix (Sarah)

Sunday- Confessions- Nonfiction/autobiographical, confessional poetry, spoken word poetry, songs, journals, candid photography and selfies.

I am trying to decide between hosting Story Swap or Confessions. Either way another host will be needed. It is possible that I and another person could alternate between Story Swap and Confessions. So one week I would do Story Swap and they Confessions and the next week we switch just to work in some variety.

We would also like to give participants a chance to be involved in the hosting process I will get back to you on that later because we are still working out the details. Friday Faithfuls will occasionally select a blog to showcase. We are also thinking about selecting an entry weekly per challenge that stands out to highlight.

As I like to keep things as democratic as possible. I am just curious how you would prefer the entry and/or blog to be selected? Would you like it to be chosen by the authors or voted on by the group?


  1. Always loved what you do, and always come here when my inspiration is most lacking.
    Let me know if there is any way that I can help, be it hosting or anything, perhaps if not forever, until you find a suitable substitute. From what you listed, the Confessionals sound the most appealing to me – and I have finally managed to score 2 months of free Sundays at my day job as well.

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    • If you would like to start off the confessionals that would be amazing. Host as long as you are able to do so and enjoying yourself. I would actually love to launch this thing starting on Sunday. Hopefully we can get someone for Friday. Dreams I could do for a bit until we found someone. We will see what the next few days brings us.

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  2. Yeah, perhaps ‘brothel’ is the wrong word, as it suggests a bit of a divide between the givers and the takers – providers and consumers, when it should be a more even handed arrangement. But ‘orgy’ doesn’t work either, for it suggests a preference for quantity over quality. Maybe a John Lennon/Yoko Ono ‘love in’ is what’s called for. We can all imagine ourselves, rugged up in pjs, in some giant cosmic bed – sipping on hot chocolate and contemplating the mysteries of the human condition.
    Whatever the case, count me in. I’m the old dude who hogs the blanket and keeps dozing off.

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  3. Thank you I will. We will see if we have any takers for Friday Faithfuls or Dream Interpretation if not we might need someone to fill in at least for week 1 since it is rather short notice. Do you have a preference? I want to launch Sunday 2022-07-15 (y/m/d). I have just prepared my post for Wednesday so I should be able to create something in a pinch.

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  4. I’ve been slowing down a bit. I’m happy with my participation in Saturday Mix. Though I might pop in for a looksee at other offerings now and then.

    All the best to the restructuering of the blog and life. Right now I’m in a bit of a pickle with some home repairs. But here’s hoping to a time when all the work is done.

    All the best~ Jules

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  5. Being an acquired taste that few people are brave enough to acquire, it’s highly unlikely that any of my blogs will ever be featured. I’ve spent most of this year trying to get pieces accepted for anthologies or publications and it’s been a miserable experience. I’m going back to doing things my way.
    I liked First Line Friday and am sorry to see that go. I always like the wordles. I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel sharing my bizarre and often frightening dreams for other people to pick apart.

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    • As for the dreams you can share and opt out of the interpretation (just make a note). You can share only the bits and pieces you feel comfortable sharing. It could be a single phrase or image that stood out. My dreams are very detailed, very strange, and sometimes also disturbing. For me I have learned to navigate nightmares and night terrors quite effectively through lucid dreaming. Dreams fascinate me even the terrifying ones. I will always read, even if there is a warning for content. I am not here to judge. I am something of a social pariah myself which is why I created this group. I wanted a safe place for people to express themselves. Beautiful. Ugly. Freakish. Meek. Outrageous. Impetuous. Defiant. Withdrawn. Brilliant. Flawed. Fragile. Welcome.


  6. Yay, Like Jules, I am slowing down in my older age but still want a safe and fun place to write. I will be participating as often as I can. Thanks so much.


  7. Good luck with your endeavours — mlm or otherwise.
    I remain “on vacation” (hiatus? sabbatical?) from myfrillyfreudianslip, and another venture which I struggled with technologically, so it never went “live.”
    I am in the process of major changes including moving back to small town Canada. I haven’t “popped” in here since probably December 2021. At the library (no home internet yet — to be installed soon) and still had mlm as a “hot” button on my home screen. Something made me click on it today — not sure why. Read read your post about mlm resurrection, your blog about personal/life changes (hope the stomach issues and weight loss have improved).
    Wishing you the best of luck on whatever your pursuits — a mlm resurrection, a new e-zine, or whatever your creative engery flows into. (I no longer have online spell check, so please excuse the typos).
    Wishing you happiness, calm, grounding, and peace.

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    • Thank you Lorraine for your beautiful words. I wish you the best in your endeavors as well. You are missed! My stomach got worse for a while but now it seems to be improving somewhat. I am not really gaining the weight back yet but I am not losing. On reflection I have had other periods of serious stomach issues (what I took as a bug) and weightloss (though never quite such intense acid reflux). I don’t know if it is linked or not. Hopefully the endoscopy will reveal it is something that might happen again like Chrohn’s which was suggested to me by a friend or if it was just a horrible case of the stomach flu.


      • Good luck with the endoscopy. I do hope it reveals something. I deal with digestive issues every day (food sensitivies, allergies, silent GERD and such), so I understand how digestive issues can affect quality of life. Hope mlm is doing well (seems like a nice mix of prompts) and you are feeling better and more settled.
        Just popped in. Who knows, maybe when I have internet again (another couple of weeks — using library free wifi — I might stop by again.
        Good to hear from you.


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