MLMM Music Challenge #1 Test Drive February 4th 2022 (or 4/2/2022 for EU folk)


Welcome to MMLM Friday Music Challenge.   I’m “Sparky” (aka Melanie) your hostess.   This post will be brief, mostly to introduce myself and to work out the parameters of what this challenge will be going forward.   I understand that we’re to use the “Mr. Linky” option so that folks can find this site more easily, but I admit to being a doofus and I am most definitely not a coder.  

Mr. Linky has stumped me, at least temporarily, so I’ll provide a link to my post on my site at WordPress and link it to this one and vice versa.   That way people from both sites can easily find things.   I hope.   Today I challenge you who might participate with something easy to start out. 

Choose and share a favorite song that you like which has a great beat.   Feel free to write something in relation to how the song makes you feel if you’d like.   Stories, poetry and prose, or stream of consciousness writing are all fine choices for that.   

The genre is unimportant – although I suppose hymns might not fit too well.  Jazz, rock, Latin, reggae, or any musical style you’d like to pick will be fine.  I’m sharing an oldie (but then so am I!) from my own youth (the ‘golden’ age of disco) which always got my toes tappin’! 

The whole point of this MM Music challenge is to get you to think, to trigger something so that you can show how creative you are, and everyone is welcome to participate.  This challenge is very casual, so pretty much whatever you come up with will be acceptable. 

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie brings you a dose of fetish, good friends and an incomparable muse! Next Friday on February 11th Dylan Hughes will be here with her First Line Friday.  I will be back on Friday, February 18th with another MM Music Challenge and a music quiz from my co-host, Glyn.  You can either create a ping back to this post, or place your link in the comments section below.

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  1. Don’t feel bad. i never figured out Mr. Linky either and I know my way around software. But that one left me saying “HUH?”

    I might do this tomorrow if my fried brain can remember a piece of music that will work. I’m forgetting faster than I’m can remember nowadays.

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    • I have been a bit lost and am now catching up the comments. That remark about the whole LInky business makes me feel a bit better. I thought I was being really stupid. I hope I’ve got a bit of a handle on the thing now. O_o Easy quiz this week from Glyn. Thanks for stopping in Marilyn!


    • I just love the music you share John! I know this ‘thank you’ is late in the day (a month nearly) O_o but maybe now I’m organized enough to attend to these in a timely manner…. Thank you!

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      • I forgot what song I had played there. That’s a fun one. We lived in Winnetka (Northfield, really, but same post office) when I was in high school, and our radio station called itself “The Big Noise From Winnetka!”

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  2. I love this challenge (which I noticed at Bushboy’s) but am all challenged out so I’m not sure I’ll be able to take part (How long do I have? All week? Indefinitely?). I also remember the song you’re giving us well and have always loved it. In case you haven’t seen it, look at this from 2020. LOVE them:


    • Thank you kindly Rail. I realize this response is late, but ‘overwhelmed’ for a while doesn’t even cover the situation! Thank you sharing! 🙂


    • Thank you for sharing that Ladylee! I appreciate your participation as I find my feet in hosting. I think I have a better handle on this and will respond to the comments and shares in a more timely manner going forward! Thank you again! 😀

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