Tale Weaver 04.11.21 – Laughter

There’s something so uplifting about a child’s unfettered laughter. It’s a sound of pure joy and happiness, even sometimes at the smallest thing – like my youngest running in the living room laughing as I chase after him. And when he realizes I’m no longer behind him but ahead with arms open so he can throw himself at me, his joy is complete and his laughter rises again.

Yet, in life, we’re often told not to be noisy, to refrain from laughing out loud. And it’s such a shame, because laughter is a balm for the soul. At least I believe so. Life is sad without laughter… And as they say it’s the best medicine – not necessarily the most efficient but eh, at least it lifts the spirit 😊

Laughter is the shield against sadness; often times when we attend funerals, there is a moment when we gather as family and friends after the burial/cremation… and there is laughter, reminiscing moments we once shared with the departed. A silly story involving them, or a joke they made that was never funny but that was their trademark, you name it.

So tell me a tale of laughter – not necessarily of joy – and how it lifted you up. It might have been a child’s laugh at their siblings’ antics on a day you were feeling depressed, or how laughter fills your life and is such an essential part of your daily life, or how it helped you hide whatever true emotions you felt in the moment. 

So many ways to go right? I hope it inspires you. 

In summary

  • Go where the prompt takes you and have fun!
  • Prose, poetry, fable… please share your stories in whatever style works for you.
  • Keep your stories/quests/tales below 1000 words 
  • Post it on your blog and tag it MLMM, Tale Weaver, Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie
  • Be sure to leave a pingback or a link so we (I) can read your contribution


  1. Laughter is contagious: “A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce
    a good thing.” ~ Herman Melville and, “Against the assault of laughter,
    nothing can stand.” ~ Mark Twain. As adults we do not laugh enough. Laughter is just what we need to ward off stress. Thanks for the lovely right up, Stephanie. I bless you for posting this.


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