Saturday Spotlight – June 5/2021

I appreciate your return to, Saturday Spotlight, where I choose what I consider a standout piece from my Sunday Writing Prompt.

This week’s prompt was, Shape-shifter,

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Really fun submissions this week, from Werewolves, to Ladybugs/Ladybirds. A woman dancing fierce and free, and even a Yeti!

This choice won me over for a few reasons. For starters, it was MAGICAL, and I did express my affinity for all things fantasy 🙂 The memory of your mother right at birth; very interesting. A baby dropped into nature, only to absorb the power of the wild animals who dared not hurt it; endearing. The transformative abilities that came from it; very cool.

“Her tears filled the sky and fell like arrows to the ground.” LOVE this line!!

“I would teach him. He would know love.” Severing what he considered a negative family pathology; very brave, and something that hit close to home.

AND this was their very first Sunday Writing Prompt outing!

My choice for this week’s Saturday Spotlight goes to, Maggie,

Enjoy Maggie’s submission, titled: The Sacrifice

My fate was sealed before I was born. A bundle of sage swirled above my mothers head as the elders marked her protruding belly with charcoal from the fire. They held her head back as she choked down the potion that would hasten my arrival. Disease had taken all but of a few of the elders. When the protector succumbed to the fever, he was kneeling at my mothers feet – a sign her child would absorb the magic of the ages, but only if the birth happened before the next rising of the moon. I witnessed it all. It was my only memory of my mother. I would always remember the desperation of her last breath as I saw my first light. They say it was love, but I feared I was destined to never experience love again.

I was taken into the wilderness as a baby, left alone on a blanket to test my power. It was the first time I heard the animals speak. The panther considered eating me, pacing around the blanket for hours. He suspected a trap and taunted me by scraping a paw across my forehead. I did not cry, nor did I bleed. I felt the power of the panther seep into me as the panther backed away. By morning, I was no longer a member of the tribe. I was every creature of the forest and carried the mark of the panther from that day forward.

This life was lonely, full of responsibility for the tribe. I slept while fully awake, each part of me taking its turn guiding my body. I was a manchild the first time I transformed. A deadly rattlesnake found its way into the camp headed for the tent of the chief. Without a thought I felt myself rise and fall with the silent wings of the red tailed hawk until I had the snake in my claws. This was the reason for my mother’s sacrifice.

During the full moon I could sense my mother’s presence, her hair long and dark, her body strong now. It was her spirit that protected me, but it did not quell the deep loneliness I felt. She told me that during the coming moon, I must claim a wife and have a child. If I did not, another child would be taken from his mother as I had been. Her tears filled the sky and fell like arrows to the ground.

At the next full moon, I took a wife. I shared her bed and felt human touch for the first time. Within months our son would be born to a mother and a father. He would not lie alone in the forest as I had. I would teach him. He would know love.

Please, take a moment to visit Maggie’s personal page, and give the kudos she deserves,

Tune in tomorrow for the next Sunday Writing Prompt, which focuses on, “Is it worth injecting yourself into drama that has nothing to do with you?”


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