Saturday Spotlight – May 29, 2021

Welcome back to Saturday Spotlight, where I choose what I consider a standout piece from my Sunday Writing Prompt.

This week’s prompt was, Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace,

You never fail to disappoint! SO many fantastic submissions this week. I mean it when I say I had an EXTREMELY hard time choosing only one. Just know, there is a heavy handful of honorable mentions.

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My choice for this week’s, Saturday Spotlight, touched on a “touchy” subject for some, while completely acceptable for others. No judgements here. The story itself was intriguing, and left me wanting to know more about the characters’ journeys. Things took a turn at the end I did not expect, and immediately nailed it as my choice. I also enjoyed the incorporation of the photo. I felt it fit perfectly.

Today’s Saturday Spotlight actually goes to one of my favorite bloggers! Although her piece was short, it was impactful and poignant. Congratulations to, Di,

Here is Di’s submission for you to enjoy, “Speak Now, or Forever Hold Your Peace”:

‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, say nothing,’ his mother was fond of saying.
He had no idea his comments would be overheard, least of all by the people he cared about most.
He could look for excuses, say he was goaded, misled, trapped into voicing an opinion, but at the end of the day, the consequences were the same. Not only had he lost his best friend, but also his brother.
Who would have thought the two were an item? In this day and age, same sex couples were the norm, and he hadn’t thought twice about Jack not having a girlfriend. They were besties, and had been since High School, but his brother? He couldn’t handle that and had lashed out at them both.
Jared now held his head in shame. What he’d give to take it back. It was jealousy, pure and simple. Jack was his friend, but that was all. It was Jared himself who wanted more.

Please, take a moment and visit Di’s personal page, and give the kudos she deserves,


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