Saturday Spotlight – May 15/21

Welcome back to Saturday Spotlight, where I choose what I consider a standout piece from my Sunday Writing Prompt.

Last week’s prompt was, Beautiful Mistake,

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My choice for this week dug deep into my heart. Although my personal timeline was a lot shorter, I related to this poster’s submission. His was two years, while mine was just a few months. But, the result was the same…a beautiful, life changing experience.

A little back story: I was in a ten year marriage, then a seven year relationship after that. No children. After YEARS of wondering why I was unable to conceive, I sought professional help. I was informed it would be near impossible to have a child without medical intervention. Those relationships ended (for the best), and in March of 2018 I met someone new. Within four months, at age 36 mind you, it happened VERY unexpectedly. I now boast two Beautiful Mistakes, ages 1 and 3 🙂

This brings me to my choice for this week’s Saturday Spotlight. Congratulations, Fandango for writing something that brought me all the feels 🙂

Please enjoy Fandango’s submission,

A Beautiful Mistake”

We had decided to wait. We’d been dating for two years, living together for a year, and had finally gotten married. But neither of us wanted to rush into parenthood. We were both working, establishing ourselves in our respective careers, and we were still getting used to the idea of being a married couple.

Then, just a month after the wedding, she told me she was late. By a week. Then two weeks. She got the pee-on pregnancy test thing and, sure enough, she was pregnant.

We were always careful. She wasn’t on the pill for health reasons, and I was not big on condoms, so I made sure to pull out right before. Well, except for that one night. I made a mistake. And that was all it took.

We debated a course of action, but in the end, we decided to face the consequences of my mistake. Nearly eight months later, our daughter was born. And she was beautiful.

This post about what was an accidental pregnancy that turned out to be a wonderfully happy accident, was written for yesterday’s Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Sunday Writing Prompt. And yes, I know that today is Monday, but yesterday was Mother’s Day and we were celebrating that day with our daughter, our beautiful mistake.

Please, take a moment to visit Fandango’s personal page, and give him the kudos he deserves,


  1. I can totally relate to your medical issues, although in my case medical intervention had to happen. So not mistakes for me, rather 2 miracles of 3 1/2 and almost 17 months, also boys.
    So happy for you and congratulations to Fandango.

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    • 🙂 🙂 🙂 I mentally prepared myself for anything and everything. I gave myself a cut-off of 45 years old. If I didn’t have babies by then, I would find a surrogate, adopt…whatever I needed to do to become a Mom, even if I was single. It’s funny cause I didn’t even see myself as a mother until I was into my 30’s. Suddenly, I was maternal…say whaaa? lol So happy for you, Stephanie!! Love being a boy mom!!

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      • Same here; didn’t really think of kids before I reached 30… married for a year (together for 4 1/2) and then after 3 false hopes and a particularly violent diagnosis (no bedside manner from the gynecologist 🤦🏼‍♀️) a difficult time. Having a kid through IVF in Canada would have put is in debt in one go at the time. One reason to be grateful we moved to France. Although surrogacy is forbidden here so… very thankful it worked.
        I love being a mom; right now though I’m a stay-at-home mom and *that* I hate 😂😂. I need to find a job; quick!!

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      • I started back at work in Feb and FINALLY feel like myself again!! I am not fit for a stay-at-home-mom roll. LOVE my boys…but mama needs a break haha! A medical professional without bedside manor…not okay. Compassion and a gentle approach is key, as far as I’m concerned. Sorry you had to deal with anything less than that


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