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Bloody Well Right – Challenge #182

‘Bloody Well Right’ was written by Rick Davies and Roger Hodgson and this song became Supertramp’s first charting hit in the US reaching #35 on the charts.  It was recorded on their Crime Of The Century 1974 album.  Supertramp was a progressive rock band that formed in London in 1970, but ‘Bloody Well Right’ failed to chart in the UK, and it is thought that the British were offended by the adjective “bloody” in the title, as it has been considered to be a swear word over there since at least 1676.  These days it is considered a mild expletive at best all around the world, but a few years back, it was only used by people who were thought to be in the lower class, and anyone respectable considered it to be a horrid word.  Some people referred to this as a concept album. but Roger Hodgson said that other than a deliberate connection between the song ‘School’ and the first line of ‘Bloody Well Right’, there was never any intention to link any of the songs together.  Crime of the Century deals loosely with themes of loneliness and mental stability, and ‘Bloody Well Right’ starts with the line “So you think your schooling is phoney.”  ‘School’ is a song that tells the story of Rudy who has lamented that the education system in England is teaching conformity above education.

Supertramp was one of the most popular British acts of the ‘70s and ‘80s, topping the charts and filling arenas around the world at a time when their style of music was supposed to have fallen out of fashion.  Davies sings lead on this one with Roger Hodgson playing bass, Richard Palmer was the guitarist and Richard Millar played drums.  Davies and Hodgson rebuilt Supertramp in 1973, bringing in new members Dougie Thomson on bass, Bob Siebenberg on drums and John Helliwell on saxophone and woodwind instruments.  This edition of Supertramp boasted a more concise and pop-oriented sound than what the band recorded on their first two albums.

The song is a response to a rant from a confused youth, and it matches the anti-establishment theme of this album.  The youth Rudy complained about his school subjects and the class differences and monetary status that made his learning difficult and the singer of this song agrees, telling him that he has a right to complain.  He goes on to say that although Rudy has this right to express his opinions, that he really doesn’t care, because these are not his problems.  He tells Rudy to write down his problems giving all of the details and that he should take them to a higher place.  He was letting Rudy know that he does not have the ability to solve any of these problems and he is getting tired of listening to all of his complaining.  So since he has already vented about his issues, it is now time for him to shut his face.

‘Bloody Well Right’ comes very close to being hard rock, but I have also heard it describes as funky Blues and it features a funny wah-wah guitar solo, some relax rhythmic piano & saloon piano and a couples of excellent sax solos in it.  The song has a unique structure, with the album cut starting out with a 51-second piano solo and this unusually lengthy instrumental introduction adds a unique distinction to it by not allowing the audience to be able to determine what song this will become.  It makes it vaguely recognizable and it would be very difficult for a contestant on the American television music game show Name That Tune, which was a name-the-song-title trivia game to distinguish what song this is going to be.  It gives people plenty of time to guess which song will be played before the more familiar parts kick in.

So you think your schooling’s phony
I guess it’s hard not to agree
You say it all depends on money
And who is in your family tree

Right (right) you’re bloody well right
You got the bloody right to say
Right, you’re bloody well right
You know you got a right to say

Ha, ha you’re bloody well right
You know you’re right to say
Yeah, yeah you’re bloody well right
You know you’re right to say
Me, I don’t care anyway!

Write your problems down in detail
Take them to a higher place
You’ve had your cry, no, I should say wail
In the meantime hush your face
Right (quite right) you’re bloody well right

You got the bloody right to say
Right, you’re bloody well right
You know you got a right to say

Ha, ha you’re bloody well right
You know you’re right to say
Yeah, yeah you’re bloody well right
You know you got a right to say

You got the bloody right to say
You got the bloody right to say
You got the bloody right to say
You got the bloody right to say


The challenge today is to focus on this song and use it for a short story, a piece of flash fiction, or a poem that you can share with the WordPress writing community.  There is no need to stick with this song, as if you like to write about another Supertramp song, or a song from any of Roger Hodgson’s solo albums, or a song by David Gilmour from Pink Floyd because he recorded with them in1987, or you could go with any song by Right Said Fred, or The Left Bank.  You could write about how you argued a point just to prove that you were right and the other person was wrong, or your desire to be right, or how you used supporting evidence or knowledge to promote your ideas.  Maybe you could write a post about the current problems in the education system like Classroom Size, Poverty. Family Factors, Technology, Bullying, Student Attitudes and Behaviors, No Child Left Behind, Parent Involvement, Student Health, or Funding.  If you would like to write about when you told somebody to shut their face, or their pie hole, that would make an interesting post.  You could write about being tired of listening to other people complaining, especially when there is nothing you can do to resolve their issues, or write about a song that is associated with crying.

The whole point of this MM Music challenge is to get you to think, to trigger something so that you can show how creative you are and everyone is welcome to participate.  This challenge is very loose, so pretty much whatever you come up with will be acceptable.  I try to throw some ideas out there for you and if they seem right, then go with it.  You could write about what the word “bloody” means to you, or any other English phrase.  Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie brings you a dose of fetish, good friends and an incomparable muse and next Friday Dylan Hughes will be here on May 21 with her First Line Friday.  I will be back on Friday, May 28 with another MM Music Challenge where we will discuss the song ‘Because’.  You can either create a ping back to this post, or place your link in the comments section below.

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My About Me section is meant to provide my readers with an honest picture of myself that gives a little bit of background information on who I am and I will wrap this up with a catchy image. I am a story teller and I like to use my imagination. I am interested in many things, but a few of my favorites are watching the NFL and playing golf. I do not like onions and I always make sure that my food does not contain any. I had two wonderful parents, my dad Herb Adams was a television repairman and my mother Mary Adams was mostly a stay at home mom. They are both deceased now and I miss them. I am a retired Electrical Engineer specialized in control systems. I held many different positions because I worked mostly as a consultant. I did work as a Substitute Teacher, for a while, but the kids were awful. I am happiest when I am writing, as this gives my life has a purpose. Forming a sentence with meaningful words that articulate my inner feelings is an everyday quest for me. Every writer needs to tell their story, and all writers have their own style. All stories starts off with characters, who are able to entertain the reader. Creating realistic lovable characters is the best way to tell a story. If you are able to develop characters that become real to you, then you will know exactly what they will do say and do next and this lets your story progress to the completion. Writing changes everything and having the calling to create something new through the power of words is much more than just making marks on a page. Once written, a book can be used by many people to learn and be entertained. The act of writing can be compared to the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle as it contains an inherent fuzziness, because various people may derive different meanings from reading the same words. You can never know the true nature of written words and the best I can do is hope is that people will understand the meanings that I am trying to convey. There are no clear-cut laws on how to write and it is impossible for me to determine how my readers react to my books.

13 comments on “Bloody Well Right – Challenge #182

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  2. Melanie B Cee
    May 14, 2021

    Here’s my contribution: https://sparksfromacombustiblemind.com/2021/05/14/mlmm-music-challenge-182/

    I’ll embellish my post a bit more later, it’s rather short today. I had a lot of thoughts about the video I chose but I need a bit of time to organize them. Thanks Jim! Great prompt!

    • newepicauthor
      May 14, 2021

      This is one of Pink Floyd’s best, thanks for sharing it Melanie.

  3. newepicauthor
    May 14, 2021

    Reblogged this on A Unique Title For Me and commented:

    Supertramp was formed in 1969 by pianist and vocalist Rick Davies. Davies was in a group called the Joint, but he became disenchanted with them, so Davies started a new band by placing an ad in the British music weekly Melody Maker, and recruited guitarist Richard Palmer, percussionist Robert Millar, and vocalist/bassist Roger Hodgson. Davies initially dubbed the new band Daddy, but to avoid comparison with a number of other paternally named acts, he changed their billing to Supertramp, taking the name from the 1908 memoir “The Autobiography of a Super-Tramp”, by Welsh author William Henry Davies. Rick Davies was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2015, but by 2018 Davies had largely overcome his health problems. Supertramp has been snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
    Roger Hodgson, the legendary co-founder of Supertramp wrote many of their classic hits and he was the driving force behind what fans call the 14 golden years of the band. Hodgson wrote ‘Dreamer’, ‘Breakfast in America’, ‘Give a Little Bit’, ‘The Logical Song’, ‘Take The Long Way Home’, ‘It’s Raining Again’, and many more. He wrote, sang, and arranged the enduring rock standards that made Supertramp a worldwide phenomenon with album sales in excess of 60 million. Roger Hodgson left the band in 1983 and the Supertramp that most people know has not existed for over 30 years. The music of Supertramp totally changed after Roger left to match Rick Davies’s musical influence, which is more jazz and blues. Hodgson moved his family away from the Los Angeles music scene to live a simpler lifestyle close to nature and be home with his children as they were growing up.

  4. Lorraine
    May 14, 2021

    I bloody well loved seeing Super Tramp in an area in the early 70s! Many songs became my anthems. As often happens with your challenges, I am wrapped in nostalgia, searching YouTube, and about to ask a friend if he has digital versions of the analogue records we wore the grooves out on. Maybe, I’m just a dreamer, a silly little dreamer . . . Thanks for another nostalgic musical voyage into my past.

    • newepicauthor
      May 14, 2021

      It was my pleasure and I am happy that you enjoyed my post.

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  7. Ron Rowland
    May 15, 2021

    I just ate Breakfast in America, after which I composed my Bloody Well Right poem

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  9. ms pie
    May 16, 2021

    so enjoy the musical prompts…. a lot of memories listening to this post…. going back a bit this memory came up….

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