Photo Challenge #362

Photo by Kamil Rybarski on

Use above image as inspiration for a poem or short story.


If you are an artist or photographer, use this as an opportunity to showcase your own work.

You have 1 week to complete this challenge.

Please credit the artist!

When you’re done, TAG the post Photo Challenge and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie, and add your link to the Link Button. Also don’t forget to link to this post or copy your post’s URL into the comments. We can read your post sooner that way.


  1. […] The alligator rose as slowly as the moon. At first, only a few bubbles gave away his presence, then a sucking sound, followed by rings that grew larger-pulsating- as they spread until the ragged twenty foot log of a monster emerged on the river’s silver mirrored surface. Two lifeless eyes glowed as the beast effortlessly moved toward the lantern signaling a meal.Diana was used to the ritual but inaudibly gasped as she sat hypnotized by the gargantuan reptile easing toward her. Her chore had become mundane but this prehistoric crescendo never ceased to excite her. This one had been a bit difficult. A married man who ran around showing off photos of his six kids.What the hell was he doing at that place?That convention didn’t usually appeal to ‘family men’. But Briggs had nodded at him sealing his fate. She lured him into the alley and the ‘boys’ did the rest. This time, she hadn’t watched.Briggs handed her the envelope containing her fee, stuffed four trash bags in her pick-up, then slapped the tailgate saying,” Tell the Big Guy, thanks again.”. Photo Challenge #362 | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ( […]


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