Saturday Spotlight – Apr 10, 2021


Okay, yes. I originally called this Saturday Highlighter…but, a gal can change her mind, right?! Anyway, from this day forward, the post will officially be called, SATURDAY SPOTLIGHT.

I created this, not as a challenge, but a way to shine a spotlight on what I consider a standout piece from the Sunday Writing Prompt.

Here is the link for this week’s SWP,

I decided to do this for both fun, and to encourage bloggers to come together as a community.

Not everyone has time to read every post. So, this is meant to give a blogger their deserved 15min of fame, and hopefully draw more followers to their site!

As I mentioned before, this is my personal opinion, and does not discredit the beauty, imagination, or creative prowess of those who tossed their hat in the ring.

Choosing just one was a lot tougher than I thought. But, I HAD to go with my gut.

My choice for this week: “Sounds of Love”, posted by Stephanie,

Absolutely feel free to “like” her submission here, comment even. But, please take a moment to visit her personal page as well 🙂

Stephanie’s Submission:

She’d always enjoyed the warmth of the sun on her face. Even more so now… Sitting in the garden, in the chill morning air, her shawl gathered about her arms, she appreciated the fragrances of newly bloomed spring flowers.

“Acadia?” She raised her head at the call.
“Yes father…” Was it already time? She didn’t feel as if she’d spent much time outside yet. She wasn’t cold or even chilled.
“There is someone to see you.”

Her parents had been so protective; her brother too. But they couldn’t always help… neither could the so-called healers or magicians that had come over the past five years to give her back her sight. There was no lack of money but she’d like her parents to stop wasting it on charlatans and frauds.

She knew her eyes were gone; she’d made her peace with that. She was merely collateral damage in an attack that hurt and killed many. She knew she was lucky. She lost… so much more than her eyes that day. Friends… and…
“Do you want them to come here?”
“Yes, please.”

She understood why her parents moved. They could, unlike many affected by the events. They had ties in several provinces, which allowed them to find this place. A simple layout allowing her to find her way easily; and gardens, which she’d always loved.

She’d been lucky all things considered. But she’d lie if she said life was fulfilling. She hadn’t tried much to be fair, but she had no idea how to do that.
“Miss Acadia?”
A man’s voice cut through her thoughts. Another healer. She sighed.
The man chuckled. There was something familiar about the sound. And yet it was so alien; when was the last time she’d heard someone do that in her presence? Few dared.
“You don’t seem too happy with my visit.”
“I… I don’t mind. I just don’t know what you can do for my eyes.”
“I hope there’s something I can do for you. I believe you like music.”
“No, I… How…?”
How could he know?

And then he played. A song that started slowly, softly; a few teasing notes on the fiddle. She gasped; she knew how it would continue, from a soft staccato to languorous legato. She remembered the first time she heard it; and the last time

Images flashed in her mind; she may be blind, but those were vivid. She could see his eyes, dark as night and yet burning, as he kissed her. She could see the lines of his body in the flickering light provided by the fire. She was a painter once… and he was her dream model; he was also the only man she ever loved.

She exhaled deeply, tears running down her cheeks. It couldn’t be. She… breathed, not daring to hope.
“How do you know…?”
“Can’t you guess… Acadia?”
“Oh dear gods… but they said…”
A song written for her.
“I know. You were hard to track down love.”


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