Sunday Writing Prompt – 21st February – Aghast.

Imagine walking along and as you round a corner you see something that leaves you aghast.

This week write your response to something that leaves you aghast.

Please leave a link to your work in the comments section below.

Go have fun.


  1. […] The old man had had enough. The lockdowns, his family business burned to the ground during a ‘peaceful protest’, and his country “going to SHIT!”.He stood on the ledge of the 15 story building watching a crowd milling around on the street below. Rescue crews lined the roof within minutes. Several first responders ‘rushed in’ grabbing the desperately depressed man before he was able to follow through.The crowd started to disperse. The show was over. Then, someone hollered pointing toward that roof, ” None of those people are wearing masks!”.Hundreds of aghast faces tipped skyward! Even more quickly than they’d gathered to watch someone else’s tragedy unfold, people sheepishly, yet purposefully, moved away from the area. Sunday Writing Prompt – 21st February – Aghast. | Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie (… […]


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