Tale Weaver – #282 – New Start – 2nd July


This week, write a response in which you discuss the notion of a ‘New Start’.

Go where the prompt leads you, I look forward to reading where you go with this prompt. Have fun.

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  1. […] Posted on July 2, 2020 by Michael  In the beginning it had nothing to do with a new start.It was about escape, and getting away unscathed.Around him the bullets flew, there were mines everywhere, it came at him from all sides.Self-preservation is a powerful motivation when there’s not much else on offer and the future is looking dire in every direction.Keep your head down, don’t attract attention and remember why you need to do this.There had been a time when life had been idyllic. Who’d every have thought it would come to this.He found shelter down the hill; an old house became his refuge. The occupant, an old man, was happy to have company and when he heard the story of flight he was sympathetic and offered him a room.The war wasn’t going to end, it kept on, he was subject to continued attack, but he stuck to his guns, he wasn’t giving up, he needed to do this.There came a time of respite. He began to formulate plans for his future. There was the possibility of a new start and he began to believe firstly in himself and then in a plan whereby the next day was always going to be a possibility.Nothing was going to happen until be dragged himself out from under the yolk of a day-by-day existence.The new start would mean his coming to terms with his situation, of seeing a path forward, of realising there was no going back.A new start meant precisely that, letting go of the past, building a new life but one that came from within himself and was not reliant on others. This he knew would not be easy but he also knew there was no other way to manage such a thing.A new start, with a slightly modified version of himself.It was simply a matter of sticking his nose out of the foxhole he was in and bravely stepping forward.   Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/07/02/tale-weaver-282-new-start-2nd-july/ […]


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