Tale Weaver – #281 – Artwork – June 25th


This week a concept/notion that is all around us and to which we respond in our own individual way.

What does the term ‘artwork’ mean to you?

Some dabble in it, some make a living from it, some have created a unique form of it.

We visit art galleries and make our own minds up as to the worth of any given artwork.

Write your ‘artwork’ story and link it using the linking tool below. Go have as much artistic fun as possible.


  1. Hi Michael,
    Thank you for running this challenge. Yesterday, for the first time, I tried my hand at Oriental Octet, syllable form of poetry and have linked it up here. I’m not sure whether it qualifies for today’s MLMM challenge, but I wanted to give it a try. Thank you all for stopping by and reading.


  2. […] Posted on June 26, 2020 by Michael  My granddaughter, The Pixie, aged six, suggested we draw to fill in the time between now and when she’d have to go o school.It was 7am and her mother had a breakfast meeting to attend and I had been called in to watch over her kids before school.So between sucking on a breakfast box, a small box of some substance they told me was the same as a bowl of cereal, The Pixie produced paper and pencils and informed me of the ‘rules’ for this project.I had to reach into her pencil box and without looking take a handful of pencils and with what I had in my hand use them to draw.So with a sheet of paper each we set to work all the while The Pixie chatted away as she did under most circumstances.Art was never a strong point with me but The Pixie was very persuasive and who was I to question the merits of this activity.So it was heads down, pencils at the ready and creation took place. I recalled my days at school so many years ago when we had the occasional art lesson. I dreaded them, I have no spacial awareness and despite Brother Ralph’s best efforts to have me draw a vase I could never get the cylindrical top looking anything like he could do it.The Pixie is non-judgemental; thankfully, she’d look across at what I was doing and comment favourably as I tormented the sheet with a number of crude images vaguely resembling trees and flowers.It occurred to me that my artistic ability reached its peak when I was about six and it had stagnated ever since. The Pixie on the other hand was enthusiastically applying colours like there was no tomorrow and in her head a perfect image of what she was imagining was on the sheet in front of her.Thankfully the time for school soon arrived, it’s amazing how time flies when you are having fun.We dutifully signed our respective work and placed them on the fridge, as one does with works of art.The Pixie was gracious in her criticism of my artwork and I was grateful for that.  Written for: https://mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com/2020/06/25/tale-weaver-281-artwork-june-25th/ […]


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